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Travel and Protocol Management Course

By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute

United Arab Emirates

06 - 17 Mar, 2017  12 days

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GBP 10,000

By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to:  

  • Determine the formalities and rules applicable for visa arrangements and processing
  • Identify the different ways of visa processing, arrangements and the common requirements observed in various countries
  • Be familiarised with the procedures involved in passport processing
  • Make proper coordination with hotels for visa processing
  • Identify the requirements for arranging business travel
  • Get acquainted with the immigration regulations and requirements to ensure convenient travel
  • Develop a heightened understanding about the nature of strategic public relations
  • Learn the tactical skills required for working in strategic public relations
  • Make smart and practical hotel and airline reservation
  • Conduct an exceptional recovery planning and protocol
  • Handle exhibition planning and participation
  • Develop strategies in planning, organising and managing as part of their protocol duties
  • Make special arrangements and planning for vehicular convoys
  • Employ strategies to encourage enthusiastic participation and contribution in the meetings
  • Appreciate the importance of resonation during meetings
  • Distinguish the difference between groupthink and team think
  • Know the different personality types and their corresponding influences
  • Define group dynamics
  • Understand the concept of forming, storming, norming, performing and disbandment
  • Ascertain the prevailing relationship with embassies and ministries
  • Demonstrate their ability to establish good working relations with embassies
  • Specify the skills necessary for public relations
  • Exhibit a heightened understanding of the concept of general protocol management
  • Enumerate the duties and responsibilities of the different airport personnel and officers
  • Determine the various corporate social responsibilities of their organisation and devise other responsibilities as may be applicable
  • Suggest ways for effective implementation and maintenance of corporate identity
  • Formulate corporate strategies pertinent to the operation of their organisation
  • Devise efficient tactics to implement strategies using the tactical management principles
  • Formulate solutions to different organisational problems through systems thinking
  • Understand the underlying concept of equifinality
  • Achieve understanding about international airline ticketing and flight schedules to avoid flight inconveniences
  • Perform online public relation duties as demanded by the modern life
  • Make internal and online communications pursuant to a public relation duty
  • Know the rules on international freight arrangements for personal belongings
  • Draft an outstanding contingency plan for their organisation
  • Develop strategies in handling crisis which may attack the organisation
  • Manage the risk to their business or organisation using the principles of continuity management and disaster recovery
  • Understand the concept of continuity management in the public sector
  • Define communication
  • Enumerate the barriers to effective communication and propose some ways to overcome these barriers
  • Develop verbal and written communication skills for excellent presentation
Dubai, UAE Mar 06 - 17 Mar, 2017
GBP 10,000.00 + 500.00 (VAT)
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+44 7736147507; +44 1902 763607; +44 2071935906; +

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