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Theory of Motivation for Managers

By: Financial and Business Advisory Associates   

Ogun State, Nigeria

09 - 10 Jun, 2016  2 day

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NGN 40,000

Motivation is the force that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. It is what causes us to take action, whether to grab a snack to reduce hunger or enrol in college to earn a degree. The forces that lie beneath motivation can be biological, social, emotional, or cognitive in nature.

Stated simply, motivation is the driving force behind all people's actions

Motivated employees are more productive and creative than those who are unmotivated. They enjoy their work more and experience less stress. Managers usually strive to find ways to motivate their staff. Behavioral psychologists have developed various theories about motivation in an attempt to better understand and control human behavior. A basic understanding of these major motivation theories helps us to see how motivation can be applied in the workplace.

This training will contribute to a positive work environment and will also help participants target specific actions they can take to set the stage for their employees to achieve success.

Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Main Secretariat, Km. 4, Ota-Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun State Jun 09 - 10 Jun, 2016
NGN 40,000.00(MAN Members)
NGN 50,000.00(Non-MAN Members)
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