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Advanced Software Engineering

By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute


05 - 30 Jun, 2017  26 days

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GBP 20,000

By the conclusion of advanced software engineering, delegates will be
able to:

  • Define software engineering
  • Explain why different application types requires specialised software engineering techniques to support their design and improvement
  • Estimate software cost
  • Identify the kinds of software products and give examples for each
  • Indicate the importance of software engineering in the software industry
  • Enumerate the fundamental activities that are common to all software processes
  • Determine the three general issues that affect most software
  • Identify the software engineering methods and techniques that are suitable for each your system and company
  • Name the different types of applications necessary to determine which software engineering methods and techniques are suitable
  • Explain the software engineering fundamentals which apply to all types of software system
  • Explain how the universal use of the web has changed software systems
  • Identify the ways web-based systems are engineered
  • Understand some ethical and professional issues which are important for software engineers
  • Know the provisions of the software engineering code of ethics and professional practice
  • Understand the concept of software processes and software process models
  • Know about the fundamental process activities of software requirements engineering, software development, testing and evolution
  • Understand why process should be organised to cope with changes in the software requirements and design
  • Find out how the rational unified process integrate good software engineering practice to create adaptable software processes
  • Give the rationale for agile software development methods
  • Differentiate plan driven and agile development
  • Explain the extreme programming release cycle and identify the practices in extreme programming
  • Establish how agile project management ensures that software is delivered on time and within the planned budget for the project
  • Be aware of the issues and problems of escalating agile development methods to the development of large software systems
  • Understand the concept of user and system requirements and explain why there requirements should be written in different ways
  • Compare functional and non-functional software requirements
  • Explain how requirements may be organised in a software requirements documents
  • Understand the principal requirements engineering activities of elicitation, analysis and validation, and the relationships between these activities
  • Establish the necessity of requirements management and how it supports other requirements engineering activities
  • Know how graphical models can be used to represent software systems
  • Establish the importance of modelling the context of a system that is being developed
  • Developed a sequence diagram showing the interactions involved in a particular situation
  • Determine how structural models of software display the organisation of a system
  • Find out what is shown in a behavioural model
  • Identify the factors which should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to introduce the model-driven engineering approach to software development
  • Indicate the importance of architectural design software
Brunei Darussalam Jun 05 - 30 Jun, 2017
GBP 20,000.00(Contact us for quote)
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