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Real Estate Sales and Marketing

By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute


21 - 25 Nov, 2016  5 days

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By the conclusion of the real estate sales and marketing course, delegates will be able to:

  • Adopt effective telephone techniques particularly in terms of people contact, receiving incoming calls and placing calls
  • Adopt some important closing techniques
  • Ascertain how major advertising decisions are made
  • Ascertain the feature of direct marketing
  • Ascertain the public relations role and impact
  • Be familiar with the product/market expansion grid
  • Be familiarise with the global marketing environment
  • Choose effective value proposition
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis of their organisation
  • Conduct online marketing
  • Decide on the global marketing program
  • Decide where to work
  • Define demand management
  • Define marketing, contextualising the associated issues
  • Define sales in contest
  • Define the qualifying process
  • Demonstrate legal awareness in the field of real estate sales and marketing, particularly with the application of the provisions of the Fair Housing, Equal Credit Opportunity, Truth in Lending, Anti-Trust and Deceptive Trade Practices Law
  • Describe a market
  • Describe the importance of being qualified as an agent
  • Describe the importance of showing in the sales process
  • Describe the nature of personal selling;
  • Describe the new direct marketing model
  • Describe the sales process
  • Describe the underlying principle of partner relationship marketing
  • Determine how companies ensure customer satisfaction
  • Determine how prospecting works in real estate marketing is conducted
  • Determine the buying motives of customers
  • Determine the buying signals
  • Determine the components of sales promotion
  • Determine the components of value delivery network
  • Determine the factors to be considered in deciding whether to go global
  • Determine the techniques of selling one’s knowledge
  • Develop an exceptional ability to set goals
  • Differentiate between marketing vs. Sales
  • Differentiate market segmentation and targeting
  • Differentiate needs, wants and demands
  • Differentiate quality and afford
  • Distinguish market segmentation and target marketing
  • Draft a marketing plan for their organisation, incorporating all the components of a marketing plan
  • Enumerate some advertising considerations
  • Enumerate some major marketing decisions
  • Enumerate the 4 marketing management functions
  • Enumerate the 4Cs and 4 Ps of the marketing mix
  • Enumerate the characteristics of a successful salesperson
  • Enumerate the different types of advertising
  • Enumerate the factors which are changing the face of marketing communications
  • Enumerate the forms of online advertising
  • Enumerate the forms of online promotion
  • Enumerate the strategies firms must engage in, in order to be successful
  • Enumerate the various technology involved in real estate sales and marketing and explain how they are utilised in sales and marketing
  • Establish the importance of public relations in marketing
  • Establish the relationship between customer databases and direct marketing
  • Establish the relationship between strategic planning and marketing
  • Evaluate advertising and return on advertising investment
  • Explain classified advertising
  • Explain customer equity
  • Explain how marketing plans are turned into marketing actions
  • Explain need/want fulfilment and its link to marketing
  • Explain the concept of advertising
  • Explain the concept of closing in real estate sales and marketing
  • Explain the marketing concept
  • Explain the necessity of showing the property
  • Explain the principles of marketing mix
  • Find out how the overall promotion mix is shaped
  • Handle objections by following the correct step-by-step process
  • Identify other media for advertisement
  • Identify the 7 Cs of effective website design
  • Identify the benefits of listings in marketing
  • Identify the components of the promotion mix
  • Identify the different communication barriers
  • Identify the factors involved in personal motivation
  • Identify the factors to be considered in deciding which market to enter
  • Identify the promotion mix strategies
  • Identify the requirements for agent qualification
  • Identify the responsibilities of a salesperson
  • Identify the seven trends that characterise the global marketplace today
  • Identify the steps in personal selling process
  • Identify the various effective advertisement techniques
  • Identify the various marketing offering
  • Identify ways to contact the seller
  • Know the characteristics of a good broker
  • Know the general guidelines for writing advertisement
  • Know the growth and the benefits of direct marketing
  • Know the guidelines for making a listing presentation
  • Know the guidelines when showing the property
  • Know the importance of customer perceived value in marketing
  • Know the reasons for customer’s objections
  • Know the role of the sales force
  • Know what a global firm is
  • Know who to acquiring market knowledge for efficient real estate sales and marketing
  • Learn about online marketing
  • Learn how to attract sellers and buyers through advertisement
  • Learn how to build good customer relationship
  • Learn how to create customer value
  • Learn how to develop a prospecting system
  • Learn how to develop self-discipline in this particular field
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with the consumer
  • Learn how to enter the market the proper way
  • Learn how to maintain control
  • Learn how to manage time effectively
  • Learn the concept of professionalism in sales and marketing
  • Learn the guidelines in closing stage
  • Learn the techniques and strategies towards effective and efficient advertising
  • Learn the techniques of negotiating counteroffers
  • Manage the sales force effectively
  • Name the advantages and disadvantages of selling real estate
  • Name the different forms of direct marketing
  • Name the different marketing department organisation
  • Name the different online marketing domains
  • Name the major public relations tools
  • Outline the marketing control process
  • Outline the simple model of the marketing process
  • Plan the presentation for the offer
  • Present an offer
  • Realise the importance of learning the marketplace history
  • Understand the concept of knowledge application in developing prospecting a system
  • Understand the concept of marketing management
  • Understand the listing process
  • Understand the sales process
  • View a listing presentation kit.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Nov 21 - 25 Nov, 2016
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