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Petroleum, Oil and Gas Production Systems Course

By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute

South Africa

17 Apr - 12 May, 2017  26 days

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GBP 20,000

Participant will understand the following after this petroleum oil and gas production systems course

Part 1: The Role of Petroleum, Oil and Gas Production Engineering

  • Components of the Petroleum Production System;
  • Well Productivity and Production Engineering;
  • Units and Conversion.

Part 2: Production from Under-saturated Oil Reservoirs

  • Steady-State Well Performance;
  • Transient Flow of Under-saturated Oil;
  • Pseudo steady-State Flow;
  • Wells Draining Irregular Patterns;
  • Inflow Performance Relationship;
  • Effects of Water Production, Relative Permeability;
  • Single-Phase Oil Inflow Performance Relationships.

Part 3: Production from Two-Phase Reservoirs

  • Properties of Saturated Oil;
  • Two-Phase Flow in a Reservoir;
  • Oil Inflow Performance for a Two-Phase Reservoir;
  • Generalized Vogel Inflow Performance;
  • Fetkovich’s Approximation.

Part 4: Production from Natural Gas Reservoirs

  • Correlations and Useful Calculations for Natural Gases;
  • Approximation of Gas Well Deliverability;
  • Gas Well Deliverability for Non-Darcy Flow;
  • Transient Flow of a Gas Well.

Part 5: Production from Horizontal Wells

  • Steady-State Well Performance;
  • Pseudo steady-State Flow;
  • Inflow Performance Relationship for Horizontal Gas Wells;
  • Two-Phase Correlations for Horizontal Well Inflow;
  • Multilateral Well Technology.

Part 6: The Near-Wellbore Condition and Damage Characterization; Skin Effects

  • Hawkins’ Formula;
  • Skin Components for Vertical and Inclined Wells;
  • Skin from Partial Completion and Well Deviation;
  • Horizontal Well Damage Skin Effect;
  • Well Completion Skin Factors;
  • Formation Damage Mechanisms;
  • Sources of Formation Damage during Well Operations.

Part 7: Wellbore Flow Performance

  • Single-Phase Flow of an Incompressible, Newtonian Fluid;
  • Single-Phase Flow of a Compressible, Newtonian Fluid;
  • Multiphase Flow in Wells.

Part 8: Flow in Horizontal Wellbores, Wellheads, and Gathering Systems

  • Flow in Horizontal Pipes;
  • Flow through Chokes;
  • Surface Gathering Systems;
  • Flow in Horizontal Wellbores.

Part 9: Well Deliverability

  • Combination of Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) and Vertical Flow Performance (VFP);
  • IPR and VFP of Two-Phase Reservoirs;
  • IPR and VFP in Gas Reservoirs.

Part 10: Forecast of Well Production

  • Transient Production Rate Forecast;
  • Material Balance for an Under-saturated Reservoir and Production Forecast Under Pseudosteady-State Conditions;
  • The General Material Balance for Oil Reservoirs;
  • Production Forecast from a Two-Phase Reservoir: Solution Gas Drive;
  • Gas Material Balance and Forecast of Gas Well Performance.
  • Part 11: Gas Lift
  • Well Construction for Gas Lift;
  • Continuous Gas-Lift Design;
  • Unloading Wells with Multiple Gas-Lift Valves;
  • Optimization of Gas-Lift Design;
  • Gas-Lift Performance Curve;
  • Gas-Lift Requirements versus Time.

Part 12: Pump-Assisted Lift

  • Positive-Displacement Pumps;
  • Dynamic Displacement Pumps;
  • Lifting Liquids in Gas Wells; Plunger Lift.

Part 13: Well Performance Evaluation

  • Open-Hole Formation Evaluation;
  • Cased Hole Logs;
  • Transient Well Analysis.

Part 14: Matrix Acidizing: Acid/Rock Interactions

  • Acid-Mineral Reaction Stoichiometry;
  • Acid-Mineral Reaction Kinetics;
  • Acid Transport to the Mineral Surface;
  • Precipitation of Acid Reaction Products.

Part 15: Sandstone Acidizing Design

  • Acid Selection;
  • Acid Volume and Injection Rate;
  • Fluid Placement and Diversion;
  • Preflush and Postflush Design;
  • Acid Additives;
  • Acidizing Treatment Operations.

Part 16: Carbonate Acidizing Design

  • Wormhole Formation and Growth;
  • Wormhole Propagation Models;
  • Matrix Acidizing Design for Carbonates;
  • Acid Fracturing;
  • Acidizing of Horizontal Wells.

Part 17: Hydraulic Fracturing for Well Stimulation

  • Length, Conductivity, and Equivalent Skin Effect;
  • Optimal Fracture Geometry for Maximizing the Fractured Well Productivity;
  • Fractured Well Behaviour in Conventional Low-Permeability Reservoirs;
  • The Effect of Non-Darcy Flow on Fractured Well Performance;
  • Fractured Well Performance for Unconventional Tight Sand or Shale Reservoirs;
  • Choke Effect for Transverse Hydraulic Fractures.

Part 18: The Design and Execution of Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments

  • The Fracturing of Reservoir Rock;
  • Fracture Geometry;
  • The Created Fracture Geometry and Net Pressure;
  • Fracturing Fluids;
  • Prop pants and Fracture Conductivity;
  • Fracture Diagnostics;
  • Fracturing Horizontal Wells.

Part 19: Sand Management

  • Sand Flow Modelling;
  • Sand Management;
  • Sand Exclusion;
  • Completion Failure Avoidance.
Durban, South Africa Apr 17 - 12 May, 2017
GBP 20,000.00
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