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Petroleum Oil and Gas Well Testing Course

By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute

South Africa

04 - 29 Sep, 2017  26 days

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GBP 20,000

By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to demonstrate a heightened understanding of the following concepts and issues:

Part 1: Oil Well Testing Familiarization

  • History of Oil Well Testing
  • Role of Oil Well Tests and Information in Petroleum Industry
  • Oil Well Test Data
  • Selecting Oil Wells for Optimum Stimulation Treatment
  • Reservoir System Characterization Process
  • Scope and Objective
  • Organization
  • Unit’s System and Conversations

Part 2: Reservoir Oil Flow Analysis

  • Basic Fluid Flow Equations in Oil Reservoir
  • Numerical Models and their Applications
  • Unsteady-State Pressure Distribution Calculations in Directional Well

Part 3: Transient Well Testing Methods for Horizontal Oil Wells

  • Flow Equations for Horizontal Oil Wells
  • Horizontal Oil Well Performance during Transient State
  • Transient Well Testing Techniques in Horizontal Oil Wells
  • Flow Time Equations and Solutions
  • Pressure Response Equations and Methods of Analysis
  • Horizontal Well Response and Normalized Pressure Derivative
  • Effects of Wellbore Storage

Part 4: Pressure Drawdown Testing Techniques for Oil Wells

  • Pressure-Time History for Constant-Rate Drawdown Test
  • Transient Analysis
  • Infinite-Acting Reservoirs
  • Late Transient Analysis
  • Bounded (Developed) Reservoirs
  • Semi-Steady-State Analysis:
  • Reservoir Limit Test.
  • Two-Rate Flow Test Analysis
  • Variable-Rate Flow Tests
  • Multi-Rate Flow Test Analysis
  • Drawdown Rate Normalization Methods

Part 5: Pressure Build-Up Analysis Techniques for Oil Wells

  • Ideal Pressure Build-up Test
  • Actual Build-up Test - Infinite Reservoir
  • Pressure Build-up Test Analysis in Infinite-Acting Reservoir
  • Pressure Build-up Testing Methods for Finite (Bounded) Reservoir
  • Multiphase Build-up Test Analysis
  • After Flow Analysis Using Russell’s Technique
  • Pressure Build-up Tests Preceded by Two Different Flow Rates
  • Variable-Rate Pressure Build-up Analysis
  • Rate Normalization Techniques and Procedures (Pressure Build-up Data)

Part 6: Original and Average Reservoir Pressure Estimation Methods

  • Original Reservoir Pressure in Infinite Reservoirs
  • Estimating Average and Initial Reservoir Pressure
  • Estimating Constant Pressure at Aquifer in Water-Drive Reservoirs

Part 7: Well Testing Methods for Naturally Reservoirs

  • Identifications of Natural Fractures
  • Characteristics of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
  • Typical Pressure Drawdown Behavior Curve Shapes
  • Pressure Build-up Behavior Characteristics
  • Well Test Interpretation
  • Build-up Analysis Techniques for Tight Reservoir Matrix
  • Interpretation of Interference Tests in Matrix and Fractured Reservoirs
  • Horizontal Well Pressure Behavior Curve Shapes
  • Horizontal Well Production Forecasting
  • Dual-Porosity Reservoir.

Part 8: Type Curve Matching Methods for Oil Wells

  • Application to Conventional Tests
  • Fracture Type Curve Matching Techniques
  • Type Curves
  • Horizontal Fractured Oil Wells

Part 9: Flow Regime Identification and Analysis Using Special Methods

  • Fracture Linear Flow Period
  • Bilinear Flow
  • Formation Linear Flow
  • Pseudo-Radial Flow
  • Type Curve Matching Methods
  • Field Case Studies

Part 10: Application of Pressure Derivative in Oil Well Test Analysis

  • Pressure Derivative Applications in Well Test Analysis
  • Pressure Derivative Analysis Methods
  • Fractured Reservoir Systems
  • Pressure Derivative Trends for Other Common Flow Regimes

Part 11: Massive Hydraulic-Fractured Oil Well Behavior Analysis

  • Methods of Evaluating MHF Oil Wells
  • Analyzing Infinite Flow Capacity Fractures
  • Analyzing Finite Flow Capacity Fractures
  • Estimating Formation Characteristics of Finite Conductivity Fractures
  • Pretreatment Testing of Hydraulically Fractured Candidate

Part 12: Drill-Stem Testing Methods

  • DST Equipment and Operational Procedures
  • Recommended Flow and Shut-In Time for Drill-Stem Tests
  • Troubleshooting DST Pressure Charts
  • Checking Validity and Consistency of Reporting DST Data
  • Estimation of Average Flow Rate
  • DST Analysis
  • Wire Line Formation Test Data Evaluation

Part 13: Interference and Pulse Test Analysis Methods

  • Interference Test Analysis Techniques
  • Analysis of Pulse Test Pressure Response
  • Vertical Pulse Test Design and Analysis Methods
  • Design and Analysis of Unequal Pulses

Part 14: Injection Well Transient Testing Analysis

  • Injectivity Test Analysis Methods
  • Pressure Fall-Off Test Analysis Methods
  • Two-Rate Injectivity Test Analysis
  • Step-Rate Injectivity Testing Technique

Part 15: Well Testing Methods in Multi-layered Oil Reservoir Systems

  • Identification of Layered Oil Reservoir Systems
  • Analyzing Pressure Behavior in Multilayered Systems
  • Concept of Reservoir Layer Fracture Conductivity
  • Pressure Production Performance Response Equations
  • Investigating Degree of Communication and Type of Cross flow
  • Pressure Build-up Characteristics in Layered Reservoir Systems
  • Pressure Analysis Methods for Oil Well Producing Commingled Zones
  • Factors Affecting Multilayered Reservoir Performance
  • Economic Aspects of Interlayer Cross flow

Part 16: Pressure Analysis Methods in Heterogeneous Oil Reservoir Systems

  • Effect of Pressure on Rock Properties
  • Major Causes of Heterogeneities
  • Pressure Responses near No Flow Boundaries
  • Effect of Hydraulic Diffusivity on Reservoir Behaviour
  • Simple Procedures and Guidelines to Estimate Reservoir Heterogeneity properties
  • General Approach to Estimate Fracture Trends or Heterogeneity
  • Determination of Reservoir Parameter and Fracture Orientations
  • Defining Reservoir Heterogeneity by Multiple-Well Tests
  • Method for Calculating Fracture Orientation
  • Estimating Two-Dimensional Permeability with Vertical Interference Testing
  • Application of Pulse Tests to Describe Reservoir Heterogeneity
  • Validity of Various Models and Steps Used to Obtain Reservoir Description
Durban, South Africa Sep 04 - 29 Sep, 2017
GBP 20,000.00(The course cost does not include living accommodation. However, delegates are treated with the following: Continuous snacks throughout the Event Days; Hot Lunch on Event Days; City Tour; Hand-outs; Stationery. We offer very attractive discount for groups)
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