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Advanced Electronic Security Engineering Technology: Enhanced Electronic Access Control System Design, Installation, Commissioning, Management, Maintenance and Repair

By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute

United Kingdom

07 Aug - 01 Sep, 2017  26 days

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GBP 20,000

The course content for the advanced electronic security engineering technology: enhanced electronic access control system design, installation, commissioning, management, maintenance and repair training course includes:

Part 1: Conceptualizing Security and Access Control

  • Risk;
  • Risk Management;
  • Countermeasures;
  • Access Control System Principles

Part 2: How Electronic Access Control Systems Work

  • Development of Access Control Systems;
  • Concepts;
  • Authorized Users, User Groups, Access Zones, Schedules and Access Groups;
  • Portals;
  • Credentials and Credential Readers;
  • Credential Authorization
  • Locks, Alarms, and Exit Devices;
  • Data, Data Retention, and Reports

Part 3: Access Control Credentials and Credential Readers

  • Access Credentialing Concepts;
  • Keypads;
  • Access Cards, Key Fobs, and Card Readers;
  • Biometric Readers

Part 4: Access Controlled Portals

  • Portal Passage Concepts;
  • Pedestrian Portal Types;
  • Vehicle Portals

Part 5: Life Safety and Exit Devices

  • Life Safety;
  • Security vs. Life Safety;
  • National and Local Access Control Codes and Standards;
  • Life Safety and Locks;
  • Life Safety and Exit Devices;
  • Life Safety and Fire Alarm System Interfaces

Part 6: Door Types and Door Frames

  • Doors and Security Concepts;
  • Standard Single-Leaf and Double-Leaf Swinging Doors;
  • Door Frames and Mountings;
  • Overhead Doors;
  • Revolving Doors;
  • Sliding Panel Doors;
  • Bi-Fold and 4-Fold Doors
  • Part 7: Doors and Fire Ratings
  • Defining Fire Ratings;
  • Fire Penetration Ratings;
  • Door Assembly Ratings;
  • Fire Door Frames and Hardware;
  • Pairs of Doors;
  • “Path of Egress” Doors;
  • Electrified Locks and Fire Ratings;
  • Additional References

Part 8: Electrified Locks

  • Importance of Electric Locks
  • Types of Electrified Locks;
  • How Electrified Locks Functions;
  • Lock Power Supplies;
  • Electrified Lock Wiring Considerations;
  • Electrified Lock Controls
  • Unrecommended Types of Locks

Part 9: Free Egress Electrified Locks

  • Types of Free Egress Locks;
  • Electrified Mortise Locks;
  • Electrified “Panic” Hardware;
  • Electric Strikes;
  • Electrified Cylinder Locks;
  • Self-Contained Access Control Locks

Part 10: Magnetic Locks

  • Standard Magnetic Locks;
  • Magnetic Shear Locks;
  • Magnetic Gate Locks;
  • Cautions about Magnetic Locks

Part 11: Electrified Dead-Bolt Locks

  • Surface-Mounted Electrified Dead-Bolt Locks;
  • Concealed Direct-Throw Mortise Dead-Bolt Lock;
  • Dead-Bolt Equipped Electrified Mortise Lock;
  • Top-Latch Release Bolt;
  • Electrified Dead-Bolt Gate Locks

Part 12: Specialty Electrified Lock

  • Electrified Dead-Bolt-Equipped Panic Hardware
  • Securitech Locks
  • Delayed Egress Locks
  • Hi-Tower Locks
  • CRL-Blumcraft Panic Hardware

Part 13: The Right Lockset for a Door

  • Standard Application Rules
  • How to Select the Right Lock for Any Door

Part 14: Specialized Portal Control Devices and Applications

  • Specialized Portals for Pedestrians
  • Specialized Portals for Vehicles

Part 15: Access Control Panels and Networks

  • Access Control Panel Attributes and Components
  • Communications Board
  • Access Control Panel Form Factors
  • Access Control Panel Functions
  • Access Control Panel Locations
  • Local and Network Cabling
  • Redundancy and Reliability Factors

Part 16: Access Control System Servers and Workstation

  • Server/Workstation Functions
  • Decision Processes
  • System Scalability
  • Access Control System Networking
  • Legacy Access Control Systems

Part 17: Security System Integration

  • Importance of Integrating Security Systems
  • Integration Concepts
  • Benefits of System Integration
  • Types of Integration
  • Serial Data Integration
  • TCP/IP Integration
  • Database Integration
  • System Integration Examples

Part 18: Integrated Alarm System Devices

  • Alarm;
  • Types of Alarm Sensors
  • Alarm Detection
  • Part 19: Security Systems
  • Photo ID Systems
  • Visitor Management Systems
  • Security Video
  • Security Communications
  • Security Architecture Models for Campuses and Remote Sites
  • Command, Control, and Communications Consoles
  • Part 20: Related Building/Facility Systems and REAPS Systems
  • Building/Facility Systems
  • Controlling and Automating Building Functions
  • REAPS Systems
  • Part 21: Cabling
  • Cable Types
  • Conduit or No Conduit
  • Cable Handling
  • Cable Dressing Practices
  • Cable Documentation

Part 22: Environmental Considerations

  • Electronic Circuitry Sensitivities
  • Environmental Factors in System Failures

Part 23: Access Control Design

  • Design vs. Installation vs. Maintenance
  • The Importance of Designing to Risk
  • The Importance of Designing for the Future
  • Design Elements
  • Designing Robust Portals
  • Application Concepts
  • Implementing Design Ideas to Paper
  • System Installation
  • System Commissioning
  • Completing Punch List Items
  • System Acceptance

Part 24: Access Control System Installation and Commissioning

  • Jobsite Considerations
  • Conduit versus Open Cabling
  • Device Installation Considerations
  • The Importance of Documentation
  • Device Setup and Initial Testing
  • Alarm and Reader Device Database Setup
  • User Access Database Setup
  • Access Schedules and Areas

Part 25: System Management, Maintenance, and Repair

  • Management
  • Maintenance and Repair
London, UK Aug 07 - 01 Sep, 2017
GBP 20,000.00(The course cost does not include living accommodation. However, delegates are treated with the following: Continuous snacks throughout the Event Days; Hot Lunch on Event Days; City Tour; Hand-outs; Stationery. We offer very attractive discount for groups)
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