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Emotional Intelligence for Effective Supervision

By: Sandhills Consulting Nigeria Ltd

Lagos State, Nigeria

28 - 30 Nov, 2016  3 days

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NGN 115,500

Emotional Intelligence is defined as a set of competencies demonstrating the ability one has to recognize his or her behaviors, moods, and impulses, and to manage them best according to the situation. This training course will give you the tools you need to be emotionally intelligent in your workplace.

An employee with high emotional intelligence can manage his or her own impulses, communicate with others effectively, manage change well, solve problems, and use humor to build rapport in tense situations. These employees also have empathy, remain optimistic even in the face of adversity, and are gifted at educating and persuading in a sales situation and resolving customer complaints in a customer service role.

Course Content/Schedule

Day One

  • Getting Started 
  • What Is Emotional Intelligence (E.I)?
  • Its Attributes, Importance And What It Affects: Your Performance at Work, Physical Health.
  • The Emotional Competence Framework
  • Self-Management, Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation
  • Self-Motivation: The Neurology of Motivation (The Achievement Drift).
  • Empathy
  • Skills In Emotional Intelligence
  • How Emotions Are Effectively Managed
  • How to Accurately Perceive Emotions
  • Use Emotions to Facilitate Thinking
  • Manage Emotions
  • Impulse Control: An Emotional Fault Line
  • Verbal Communication Skills
  • Focused Listening
  • Asking Questions
  • Communicating With Flexibility And Authenticity
  • Burning Out and Its Cost.
  • Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  • Body Language
  • It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It
  • Case Study

Day Two

  • The Emotional Intelligent Organization
  • Taking the Organizational Pulse
  • The Organizational Family
  • Collective Creativity
  • Ways Organizations Demoralize and Demotivate Employees through Organizational Malpractices Leading to Lower Performance.
  • The Spirit of Achievement: The Need to Achieve
  • Articulate Your Emotions Using Language
  • A Case Study
  • The Heart of Performance
  • Maximizing the Organization
  • Building with Integrity
  • Social Management and Responsibility
  • Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
  • Tools to Regulate Your Emotions
  • Seeing The Other Side
  • Self-Management and Self-Awareness
  • Giving In Without Giving Up
  • The Basic Emotional and Social Competencies
  • Leadership and Team Work
  • Video Clips

Day Three                                     

  • Job Competency Models and How They Are Calculated
  • Threshold Model
  • Distinguishing Model
  • Gender Factors Research Studies in E.I
  • Strategies for Leveraging Work Place 
  • Business Practices (I)
  • Understand Emotions and How to Manage Them in the Workplace
  • Role of Emotional Intelligence At Work
  • Disagreeing Constructively
  • Business Practices (Ii)
  • Optimism
  • Pessimism
  • The Balance Between Optimism And Pessimism
  • The Peter Principle
  • Making An Impact
  • Creating a Powerful First Impression
  • Assessing A Situation
  • Being Zealous Without Being Offensive
  • Rewiring of the Brain
  • Trustworthiness and Contentiousness
  • Tomorrow’s Company: The Virtual Organization
  • Group Presentation
  • Article Review (1) And (2): Improving Your Team’s Collective
  • Emotional Intelligence (Eq): Collaboration, Teams and The Group Iq (The Art Of Collaboration Team Advantage; The Group Mind).

Target Audience: 

  • Managers
  • Marketers
  • Customer Care Agents
  • Administrative Staff
  • Personal Assistants
  • Supervisors at All Levels
6,Segun Gbele Close, Off Lola Holloway Street, Omole Phase 1, Ojodu-Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria Nov 28 - 30 Nov, 2016
NGN 115,500.00(VAT Inclusive)
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PROFESSOR PENDER GBENEDIO (CEO/ CHIEF CONSULTANT SANDHILLS CONSULTING NIG. LTD). B.Sc. Accounting, Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio USA; MBA and Ph.D. Accounting, University of Cincinnati Ohio USA; Doctoral Secondary Fields, Finance and Industrial Management. Worked as Financial Specialist at the Corporate Headquarters of the National Cash Register Company (NCR) in Dayton, Ohio USA. He was later appointed a Professor of Accounting and Chair of the Department of Accounting and Associate Dean of the Business School at North Carolina Central University, in Durham, North Carolina, USA; Campus Dean at Strayer University, Colombia Campus, South Carolina, USA. He has taught numerous courses, multiple times in Accounting, Finance and Industrial Management. He is also a visiting Professor at Covenant University (Sango Ota) teaching Ph. D and M.SC Environmental, International and Oil &Gas Accounting. His strengths are in Accounting, Finance, Industrial Management, Functional, Soft Skills and Leadership Courses.DR. VALENCIA WESTRAY: B.Sc Ph. D in Organisational Behaviour, MBA Managements and Human Resources Management, HR and Staffing Consultant in Morgaret Business Solutions; Campus Dean, Strayer University; Faculty at South University, USA. She has diverse experience in Human Resource Management and Leadership for Women.DR. FOLASHADE OGUNWALE: B.Sc., MBA Accounting, Doctoral Candidate. Has worked in Bison Ltd Consulting Firm and Intercontinental Bank, and lectures in Covenant University. She has diverse experience in Training and Consultation.DR (MRS). V. Y KPEKE: Chemistry. University of Ibadan, MSc Chemistry, Delta State University, Delta State; Ph. D Counselling Psychology (her strength).