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SCADA/HMI Systems - Siemens Wincc Flexible

By: Angelus Consulting and Research Limited

Lagos State, Nigeria

21 - 25 Nov, 2016  5 days

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NGN 150,000

This training course is designed for personnel that works with Siemens SCADA/HMI systems or those who intend to work on the systems. In this training program, participants will learn the fundamentals of SCADA systems and design considerations. It begins with an introduction of the software, teaching the student to launch, navigate, create and make use of toolbars. Students will get to know the application, gather data, plan the tag database and design graphic screens, plan alarms and gain information that is required to operate the system

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training, participant will be able to;

  • Understand the operational principle of a SCADA/HMI Systems-Siemens Wincc.
  • Identify and describe the functions of the SCADA/HMI Systems-Siemens Wincc.
  • Operate a SCADA/HMI Systems-Siemens Wincc efficiently.
  • Design a basic SCADA/HMI Systems-Siemens Wincc control program integrated to a PLC.
  • Effectively Carry out Basic Maintenance and Troubleshooting of a SCADA/HMI Systems-Siemens Wincc.
  • Observe safe practices when working with a SCADA/HMI Systems-Siemens Wincc and its devices.

Target Participants
Maintenance Personnel, Automation Engineers/Technicians, personnel with responsibilities to operate SCADA/HMI Systems  and people who will be modifying or operating existing systems
Lectures complemented with hands-on practical sessions using Siemens WINCC software and Siemens Multi-panel HMI for programming and troubleshooting.


  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals, Standards and definition of terms
  • Comparison and relationship of SCADA/HMI, DCS and PLC systems
  • Software Overview
  • SCADA/HMI control system architecture
  • Types of SCADA/HMI software and hardware
  • Human and ergonomic factors/considerations
  • Design and layout configurations
  • Communications architectures
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems
  • Configuration of a SCADA master station
  • Typical SCADA/HMI control system installations
  • SCADA/HMI control system software components
  • Software - design of SCADA/HMI packages
  • Building/Configuring the user interface
  • Standard graphics tools
  • Objects, buttons and sliders
  • Check and radio boxes
  • Display and application windows
  • OLE objects ActiveX Controls (e.g. to display Trend and f(x) curves)
  • Input and output fields
  • Message structure and control text Message 
  • Bar charts, Status displays & Collective displays
  • Alarms
  • Real time trending.
  • Historical trending.
  • Script development.
  • Wizards.
  • Log on priorities
  •  The Application
  • Creating a Project
  • Tags
  • Screens - Simple Objects
  • Enhanced Screen Objects
  • Status - Force Display
  • Alarms
  • Multiplex Tags
  • System Screens
  • Transferring the Application
  • Security
70b, Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria Nov 21 - 25 Nov, 2016
NGN 150,000.00
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08183533642, 07082570187

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