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Equipment Lubrication Training

By: Angelus Consulting and Research Limited

Lagos State, Nigeria

15 - 17 Jun, 2016  3 days

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NGN 75,000

Whenever machine parts that are in contact move with a relative motion, friction sets in and depending on a number of factors, wear and tear come in. If necessary actions are not taken, this could lead to partial or total breakdown of equipment or a plant. This training is developed to help participants acquire industry methods for selecting, storing, filtering and testing lubricants to boost reliability and generate lasting results in machine efficiency/maintenance. Also, they will gain better understanding of oil analysis, so they can align their efforts with those of maintenance professionals or oil analysis experts.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to

  • Explain the meaning of lubrication
  • Discuss the need for equipment lubrication
  • Explain the mode of action of the lubricants and the properties required for a given application.
  • Learn how to recommend a lubricant according the equipment and its operating conditions.
  • To detect the origin of the equipment failures.
  • To learn how to analyze lubricants in use.
  • List types of lubricant
  • Discuss the functions of lubricants
  • List methods of lubrication
  • Apply lubricants

Intensive and interactive lectures complemented by hands-on exercises using relevant training equipment and aids.

Target Participants
Maintenance crew responsible for lubricating equipment and other machine parts


  • Fundamentals of lubrication
  • See how important it is to select the proper lubricant for an application
  • Learn to maximize bearing life through an improved understanding of proper lubricating principles and functions
  • The Four Rs of Lubrication
  • Right lubricant
  • Right time
  • Right quantity 
  • Right place
  • The need for lubrication
  • Types of lubricants
  • Gaseous, Liquid, Solid etc
  • Functions of lubricants 
  • Properties of lubricants
  • Methods of lubrication
  • Lubricant Storage, Handling and Dispensing
  • Bearing failure causes and analysis
  • Identify and interpret actual bearing failures
70b, Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria Jun 15 - 17 Jun, 2016
NGN 75,000.00
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07082570187, 08183533642

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