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Advanced Predictive Analytics

By: Knoze Academy

Lagos State, Nigeria

27 May - 10 Jun, 2017  15 days

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NGN 300,000

This Advanced Predictive Analytics training course will discuss the following:

  • Introduction to Data mining
    • Data preprocessing and exploring the data
    • Various Data mining techniques
    • Concepts of Lift and drag
  • Decision Trees
  • Model over fitting
    • Valuating the performance of a classifier
    • Methods for comparing classifiers
    • Limitations of tree based methods
  • Neural Network
    • Introduction to Neural Network
    • Concept of perceptron
    • Multilayer Artificial Neural network
    • Characteristics of Neural network
  • Cluster Analysis
    • Concept of Clustering
    • Different types of clusters and clustering(K-means, Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering, DBSCAN)
    • Cluster validation.
  • Factor Analysis
    • Types  of  factor  analysis,  types  of  factoring,
    • Criteria for determining number of factors, terminology and rotation methods.
    • Applications of factor analysis.
  • Discriminant Methods
    • Introduction to linear and multiple discriminant methods
    • Methods implemented in Discriminant Analysis
    • Market Basket Analysis and Association Rules
    • Introduction
    • Examples, business applications.
    • roduction to association rules, definitions and Algorithms
  • Introduction to Predictive Modeling: Decision Trees
    • Cultivating Decision Trees
    • Optimizing the complexity of decision Trees
    • Additional Diagnostic Tools
    • Polynomials Regression
    • Categorical Inputs
  • Introduction to Predictive Modeling: Regressions
  • Selection Regression Inputs
  • Optimizing Regression Complexity
  • Interpreting Regression Models
  • Transforming inputs
  • Introduction to Predictive modeling: Neural
  • Networks and other Modeling tools
  • Selecting Neural Network Inputs
  • Increasing Network Flexibilit
  • Other Modeling tools
  • Model Assessment
  • Model Fit Statistics
  • Statistical Graphs
  • Adjusting for Separate Sampling
  • Profit Matrices
  • Model Implementation
  • Scoring With the Score Tool
  • Score code Modules
  • Introduction to Pattern Discovery
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Additional Topics
  • Ensemble Models
  • Variable Selection
  • Categorical Input Consolidation
  • Surrogate Models
  • Case Studies
  • Banking Segmentation
  • Credit Risk
  • Telecoms Churn prediction
  • Group Project and Certification
Precint Hotel, 20 Harvey Road, Sabo Yaba , Lagos State, Nigeria May 27 - 10 Jun, 2017
NGN 300,000.00
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Facilitators: Adeyemi Odeneye B.Sc, M.Sc(UK) ACEN, GAIQ, OMCP, CBAP Phd (in view)Principal Consultant (Knoze Disruptive Consulting) He is the first Advanced analytics consultant in Africa, with over 5 years in Analytics . He is a programmer and Machine learning and Data science Evangelist. He has built various models. Ifeoluwa Oladapo B.Sc M.Sc SAS ( Certified professional) Data Scientist and Analytics professional ( KNOZE Disruptive Consulting) He specializes in providing insights through Big data and has several certifications across board in data analytics. He is one of the few Nigerians who have the SAS global certification, with over six years working with SA software
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