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The 10-day Financial Management Workshop for the Oil and Gas Industry

12 days, Nov 27 - 08 Dec, 2017  

2017-11-27 12:11:00

EuroMaTech Training and Management Consultancy

This 10day workshop on financial management for oil and gas industry provides the knowledge and skills to enable ...

Advanced Maintenance Management

5 days, Aug 21 - 25 Aug, 2017  

2017-08-21 12:08:00

EuroMaTech Training and Management Consultancy

The maintenance and asset management strategy is fundamental to the success of operations.  If it is your aim ...

Advanced Human Resource Management

5 days, Dec 17 - 21 Dec, 2017  

2017-12-17 12:12:00
United Arab Emirates

EuroMaTech Training and Management Consultancy

Changing business environments more than ever demand creative solutions from International HR departments to ...

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