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MSP Certification (Multi Skilled Professional)

By: Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development

Lagos State, Nigeria

04 - 06 Jul, 2017  3 days

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USD 2,000

This MSP certification (multi skilled professional) help you turn Population into Competitive Assets:

  • You may be somewhat contented with the way things are in your life, but that is not to say that you are being all you can be.
  • If you were performing at your highest potential
  • You wouldn't be somewhat contented, but completely fulfilled.
  • If you aren't fulfilled, then accept my apologies.
  • Even if you are submerged in problems, don't let that be the cause of your not pursuing all that you can be.
  • Aspirations, dreams and goals should be allowed to live within your heart so you can live a life of purpose and fulfillment.
  • Let's review a few points so you can discover what makes you tick.
    •     Do you know what it is you really want?
    •     Do you need to change?
    •     Can you see the bright side in your new discovery?
    •     Are you comfortable with your chosen path?
    •     Have you done enough for yourself?
    •     Discover How to make Millions as a Multi-Skilled Professional (MSP)

MSP – Benefits

  • Work as an Multi-Skill Certified professional (Locally & Internationally)
  • Work as a Creative Manager/ Entrepreneur (Locally or internationally)
  • Become A Highly Motivated Fund Raising Expert
  • International Training
  • Earn $10,000 (USD) or More Per Month as a MSP
  • Use the Designation MSP after Your Name
  • Obtain Global Executive Certificate and work anywhere in the   world
  • Belong to International Alumni
  • Award of certificate after the  training

Topics to be covered

  • Becoming a MSP Turn Population into Competitive Assets
  • How to Unlock Your Full Potential
  • Personality Test Kit – A Tool to a Success Personality
  • Art of Getting Dream Job/Appointments

  10 minutes Creative MBA

  • Real Estate Investment Strategies
  • Creative Entrepreneurship

 500 Low Cost Business Ideas

  • Entrepreneurial Finance - fly with your Ideas

 30 Ways of Raising Capital outside Banks

  • Coordinating Others - fly with your People

 20 Ways of Raising Human Capital

  • Quality Control and Service Orientation - the science of service Leadership

 18 Ways of Raising the service bars

  • Negotiation, Judgement and Decision Making - Anything can be negotiated

 20 Ways of trusting your judgements and guts

  • Complex Problem Solving and Critical Thinking - You get Rich by solving Problems

 15 Ways of Raising your problem solving credentials

  • Active Listening and Creativity - Innovate your way to success

 10 Ways of Re-creating your environment

  • Financial Literacy and Planning - Plan for Results

 20 Ways to harness your human, material and Financial Resources

Training Objectives

At the end of the MSP certification (multi skilled professional) training, Participants would

  • Develop Multi-skilled mindset and leadership attitudes
  • Show concern on the need to unlock your full potential
  • Learn how to win at job interview /Negotiation
  • Learn how to generate great business ideas-over 201
  • Understand how to be profitably self-employed
  • Show Opportunities and guidelines for starting your business
  • Explain 25 ways of raising start-up & growing business capital outside banks
  • Discuss how to acquire and develop property without tears
  • Understand How to curb technology fraud (ATM, e-mail etc)
Lagos Jul 04 - 06 Jul, 2017
Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria 24 - 26 Oct, 2017
USD 2,000.00
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+234 8023194131

Organization sponsoring 2-4 participants attracts 5% discount Above that attracts 10%
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