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Budgeting Practical Issues Training

By: Newways Consulting

Abuja FCT, Nigeria

13 - 15 Aug, 2019  3 days

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NGN 135,000

Budgeting is more than mere vague oversight. Budgeting should deliver the corporate strategy, add shareholder value and lead to a well-run organisation – for the benefit of all involved in it. Effective budgeting leads to real control – effective day-to-day operational control and more. This course demonstrates what proper budgeting and operational control can do. It shows that:

  • Budgets can deliver
  • Budgets must deliver
  • Budgets should be tied to corporate strategy
  • Cultural harmony – method / reports / people – is vital
  • Having clear objectives and deliverables is a must
  • Report and feedback leading to action will deliver

Training objectives

  • This course will help ensure that participants:
  • Appreciate the importance of the budgeting process
  • Take ownership of it
  • Use it as a daily working tool – not an annual exercise – to help run their part of the operation
  • Improve their reporting against budget
  • Ensure their delivery against budget


  • All executives, managers, accountants, engineers and other staff who need to:
  • Review or learn the concepts and measures used to budget and control operations
  • Develop their organizational and personal process of budgeting and control
  • Focus themselves and other members of the team on the issues which must be managed to ensure proper budgeting and operational control

Special features

This programme can be tailored to reflect your organization’s internal budgeting and control systems. The examples can also be adapted for specific sectors.

Course outline

  • Objectives of budgets
  • The budget processes
  • Stages - what is the prime aim of a budget?
  • What is forecasting?
  • Objectives 
  • Planning 
  • Implementation
  • Budget and cost control focus
  • Choosing objectives
  • Links with corporate strategy
  • Links with resource management
  • Can the accounting systems cope?
  • Traditional budgeting and control
  • Benefits and drawbacks
  • The process
  • Control and feedback
  • Reporting – what can be expected?
  • Advanced budgeting and control
  • Understanding the business process
  • Taking out costs
  • Cost awareness
  • ZBB – as valid as ever
  • Reports
  • Reports for action
  • The purpose of a report
  • Content – deliverables and feedback
  • Culture is so important
Abuja Aug 13 - 15 Aug, 2019
NGN 135,000.00
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Dr Chris Egbu +234-8023194131

Organisations sponsoring above two staff will get 10% discount
Dr Chris Egbu, Dr Francis Okereke
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