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Positive under Pressure Course

By: Newways Consulting

Lagos State, Nigeria

10 - 12 Mar, 2020  3 days

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NGN 195,000

Venue: Lagos

Stress is usually regarded negatively. However, we all need a degree of stress to function well. There are people who thrive on pressure and for some too much pressure is draining and exhausting. Whichever way you view stress, this exciting new course turns the image of stress management on its head to look at how you can harness pressure and make it work positively for you.

 Learn how making some changes can bring the reward of a return to a successful and enjoyable lifestyle. This three-day course is practical and interactive and re-introduces delegates to the vital resources we all possess in order to deal with the pressure of a demanding lifestyle.

Course level: Intermediate and Advanced

Who should attend?

 This course will be of benefit to all professionals needing to develop their skills for managing the pressure and stress of a busy lifestyle. You must have attended ‘Stress Management - Introduction’ prior to attending this course.

Training Program Outline

  • Training Program Outline

A Fresh Look at Stress Management

  • How to create new models for managing stress and discard ineffective old habits

  • Looking creatively at old problems in new ways

  • The place of risk-taking in stress management and the benefits of becoming an intelligent risk-taker

Why All the Concern About Managing Stress?

  • What stress is and what it is doing to your body

  • The primary reason stress is causing you so many problems

  • Why stress overload is so widespread in today’s workplace

  • Three reasons people are burning out

  • The high cost you pay for not managing stress

Managing Your Stress For Peak Performance

  • Too little stress and too much stress are both problems – finding the optimal leve

  • The warning signs of stress overload – what to do and what not to do about them

  • Your worst enemy in the war on stress:  denial – how to combat it

  • The stages on the road to burnout

  • The five stages of stress

Reducing Stress When Levels Become Too High

  • A three level model for stress intervention and management

  • The power of a take charge attitude – what it can do and how to develop it

  • Three choices you always have in combating stress

Managing Your Stressors

  • How to communicate your needs, state your limits, and say “NO”

  • Essential principals of managing your conflicts successfully

  • How to respond to criticism in ways that keep your stress at a minimum

How To Become Stress-Resistant

  • Three characteristics of people who survive stressful times and how to adopt these to combat your own high levels of stress

  • Rational thinking – what it is and how you can use it to manage your stress

  • Four key strategies to help you change what you think about your stressors 

Counteracting the Destructive Effects of Stress

  • The relaxation response – how to use it to reduce stress and improve health

  • What to eat when you are under too much stress

  • How to use exercise to help you survive stress and perform at your peak

  • The value of developing a sense of humor and putting plenty of play and laughter into your schedule

  • A holistic approach to managing your stress for greater quality of life

Lagos Mar 10 - 12 Mar, 2020
NGN 195,000.00(The program fees covers tuition, Course Materials, Tea/Coffee Break, Lunch, Bag, Certificate of participation and administration)
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DR CHRIS EGBU +2348023194131

Organisation sponsoring more than two staff will get 10% discount. In addition payment before two weeks to the event date attracts 5% discount
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