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Management of the Contemporary Public Sector: The Pressure to Change

By: Tom Associates Training  

Lagos State, Nigeria

13 - 17 Nov, 2017  5 days

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NGN 162,750

This Management of the Contemporary Public Sector: The Pressure to Change training course will discuss the following.

Day One

  • Public Sector Management is Hugely Important
  • Size of employment
  • Influence on social and welfare matters
  • A Good Public Sector Management for Nigeria Today
  • Analysis of public service monopoly status
  • Attractiveness of public sector jobs
  • Scale of public sector resources vs management capacity
  • Globalization and public sector management
  • Challenges with Funding Public Spending
  • Requirements of recalibration
  • Focusing on efficient and equitable outcomes

Day Two

  • Target Setting for Public Sector Deliverables
  • Knock-on-effects on other parts of the service
  • Data monitoring
  • The challenge of setting targets in the public sector
  • Architecting Decisions: the Link of Outcomes and Civil Service Process
  • Data Available for Assessments
  • Timely change
  • Accurate change performance
  • Comparable change performance
  • Innovation in Public Service
  • Public sector focus  Innovation in its own right
  • Characteristics of innovation in the public sector
  • Assessment of pressures officials in public service are under
  • Risk-taking in the Public Sector
  • The incentives to take risks and innovate
  • Encouraging and managing effective innovation
  • New ideas from peer establishments

Day Three

  • Private Sector Collaborations
  • Resources and skills
  • Managing Relationships and Partnerships
  • With the public
  • With the workforce
  • With the politicians
  • Among officials at the top of government
  • What to Value in Public Service Employment
  • Performance Management Tools in the Public Sector
  • Country-to-country data comparison
  • Vivid link of activities to citizens welfare
  • Difficulty of observing what a public service official does
  • The lagged effects of projects execution
  • External effects beyond control

Day Four

  • Career Service and Political Service
  • How to establish trust
  • How to define respective roles
  • How each cadre becomes more effective
  • The Hard Things About Public Servants Accountability
  • Hard to measure success
  • Hard to untangle individual contributions
  • Hard to time effects of decisions
  • Hard to measure effects of external factors
  • People Management in Public Service
  • Development of personnel
  • Effective communications
  • Assessments and proper appraisals
  • Fair process of career growth
  • Implications and effects of Union rules
  • Career Success in Tomorrow’s Public Service
  • Expertise  - knowing your subject
  • Understanding the organization - know your stakeholders
  • Trusting your colleagues
  • Acting on change, not paperwork

Day Five

  • Public Sector Management and Economics Development Potentials
  • Agricultural development Policy framework
  • Industrial development policy framework
  • Banking and financial development policy framework
5/7 Alade Lawal Street, Opposite Divisional Police Station, Off Ikorodu Road, Anthony, Lagos. Nov 13 - 17 Nov, 2017

Registration: 08:30:am - 09:00:am

Class Session: 09:00:am - 04:00:am

NGN 162,750.00(Including VAT)
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Mr Abiodun Toki 08033019120

Discount of 5% to 3-4 participants from same organization. Discount of 10% to 5 or more participants from same organization.
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