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Strategies for Improving Productivity Course

By: Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development

Abuja FCT, Nigeria

03 - 05 Sep, 2019  3 days

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USD 500

Most organizations do not have a performance management system in place that measures productivity across the production, delivery and promotion of services, and identify corrective actions that are required. As a result, firms cannot identify and improve consistently limiting factors such as unproductive processes, communication break-downs, unmotivated and ill-prepared staff.

In order to improve productivity, firms must develop an innovative approach to performance management which helps companies operationalize their strategic priorities.

This is not easy and hence innovation is required to deal with various organizational constraints, including focusing their staff on managing efficiently the customer contact points, make company's management more productive by providing informational and structure around the key operating areas (production, delivery and promotion), and also, procure data to a single database from where to calculate indicators and produce reports.

The Strategies for Improving Productivity programme, is approved as a 'Vital Importance Programme' by the Board of Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development (CPSPD)  and organizations participating with their employees, who satisfy the CPSPD's criteria, are entitleod to a full subsidy, thus, may attend this programme without any cost.

This programme includes 14 hours in-class training and a half-day company consultation.

Learning Objectives

  • Trends in companies and the need for productivity enhancements through innovative performance management
  • Current trends that require immediate response
  • Limitations of current measures and systems for performance measurement
  • Areas for adding value
  • Most companies employ financial KPIs - what’s next?
  • Pre-Requisites, Approaches and Strategies for Productivity Improvement
  • Major Factors Affecting Productivity
  • Pre-requisites for Productivity Improvement
  • Strategies for Productivity Improvement
  • Kaizen As a Productivity Improvement Strategy
  • Quantum Leaps And Large-Scale Strategic Improvement
  • Combination Of Strategies And Approaches
  • Impact of Productivity Improvement And Performance Enhancement Initiatives
  • Identifying productivity improvement KPIs
  • What KPIs?
  • Creating performance measures - Lead and lag measures
  • KPI selection criteria
  • Examples of KPIs from each of the four balanced perspectives
  • PRACTICAL SESSION: Identifying your company’s productivity goals and current measurement
  • What KPIs do you monitor?
  • How it works
  • What changes could improve productivity
  • The balanced scorecard system as a framework
  • Why this system is suitable
  • How it works
  • Key elements
  • The company’s strategic priorities and KPI gaps
  • Identifying critical success factors for productivity strategy implementation
  • Developing a set of balanced objectives and causal links
  • A generic model with critical success factors
  • Identifying KPI gaps
  • A case study

PRACTICAL SESSION: Company strategic priorities

  • Identify your company’s strategic priorities
  • Recognize priorities on the strategy map
  • Place the current KPI set on the map and identify gaps


Abuja Sep 03 - 05 Sep, 2019
USD 500.00
NGN 180,000.00
(Convert Currency)

DR CHRIS EGBU +2348023194131

Organisations sponsoring above two staff will get 10% discount
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