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IEMA Accredited Sustainability / CSR Practitioner Training (Dual UK and US Certification)


Lagos State, Nigeria

17 - 18 Jul, 2017  2 day

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NGN 400,000

Venue: Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conference Centre, Ikeja Lagos

In partnership with Sustainability and CSR Insights © UK and The W. Edwards Deming Institute® Sustainability Strategy Program, we provide a range of globally accredited CSR practitioner training courses for all levels of CSR professionals in Africa.

Option 1

Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment UK sets the accreditation criteria for the content and delivery of environment and Assessment (IEMA) sustainability training through robust quality assurance processes and provides professional development support in line with the IEMA Environmental Skills Map. IEMA’s standards are used to deliver global sustainability and improve sustainability in organizations in all sectors and at all levels. Employees with the knowledge and skills to manage sustainability issues can drive productivity and competitiveness.

De Bernards consulting is the only IEMA accredited providers for this course in Africa and we have differentiated ourselves as a leading CSR sustainability training provider in region.

Attend our activity based in-company workshop or Public training course that will review the following modules:

  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility - Context and Definition
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Dilemma
  • Sustainable Strategic Growth Model - a solution to the Sustainability and CSR dilemma
  • Sustainability Footprints - tools for growth
  • The Politics of Sustainability
  • Case studies
  • Each Module is delivered using interactive lectures.

Why Take an IEMA Accredited Sustainability qualification?

If your goal is to become a CSR Sustainability practitioner, IEMA qualifications and membership of IEMA will help you achieve that. There are a range of membership levels dependent on your level of knowledge, industry experience and qualifications. IEMA membership provides a wide range of benefits available for people with a level of responsibility for sustainable business. In addition, IEMA qualifications are

  • Are globally recognized
  • Cover sustainability and CSR needs across all industry sectors
  • Will help you and your organization improve sustainability and environmental performance
  • Will assist you with your job search or career development

Option 2

Combined - IEMA Accredited Sustainability Training and The W. Edwards Deming Institute® Sustainability Strategy Program

Using a highly interactive format, The W. Edwards Deming Institute® Sustainability Strategy Program provides a stark contrast between “Organizations as Usual” and “Organizations as Unusual,” including a proposal for how to shift organizational resources from an emphasis on solving problems to an emphasis on preventing problems, as well as discovering hidden opportunities for gainful investment that incorporates Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Such a dramatic change requires awareness of how organizations both understand and manage systems, variation, people (psychology), and knowledge, the four interdependent elements of Dr Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge®, the cornerstone of his distinctive management method.

The W. Edwards Deming Institute® Sustainability Strategy Program provides an engaging review of Deming's Management Method (System of Profound Knowledge) for leading a professionally managed organization in the direction of Organizations as Unusual and includes training for the IEMA Certificate in Sustainability Strategy©

Sustainability and CSR Insights ® is a consultancy firm established to deliver sustainability and CSR training. Building on this capability we have developed a bespoke sustainability management training and support package that will improve the understanding of the relationship of sustainability management to business strategy.

W. Edwards Deming Institute® has both designed and hosted conferences, seminars, and workshops to present Dr Deming’s “Management Method” to audiences across the US and internationally as well. Building upon this legacy, The W. Edwards Deming Institute® is proud to announce a new 8-hour immersion program, targeted at leaders at all levels of organizations, with a focus on revisiting the foundations of teamwork, the connecting power and potential of all organizations.


Even though there are no formal educational requirements, admission is a selective process based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility. We expect participants on this programme to have basic understanding of CSR either through education or practice.

Who should attend?

Sustainability and Environmental Professionals, MDA/MNC Employees, CSR Managers, Company Managers, CSR Practitioners, Public Relations Managers, Marketing Managers and Directors, Human Resources Managers and anyone who wishes to advance their understanding, bring added value to their organization or get hold of the highly sort after and globally recognized CSR Sustainability Certificate to progress their career.

Team Attendance

This programme is appropriate for individuals as well as teams of executives from the same organization. When colleagues attend a programme together, the organization benefits from their shared knowledge and common vision. This, in turn, enables participants to enhance their ability to pursue business goals as a team, effect critical transformations, and transfer knowledge

Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conference Centre, Ikeja Lagos Jul 17 - 18 Jul, 2017
NGN 400,000.00(Includes training materials)
USD 700.00(includes training materials)
USD 1,000.00(Double Certification and training materials)
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Eustace Onuegbu +234 (0) 81 718 61482 or +234 (0) 81 086 10473

5% for Group Booking