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Leadership, Delegation and Empowerment

By: Angelus Consulting and Research Limited

Lagos State, Nigeria

03 - 05 Dec, 2019  3 days

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NGN 96,000

Venue: Angelus Consulting and Research limited. 70B, Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos State.

In every organization, the need for a purposeful direction towards the attainment of goals requires coherent skills displayed by the personnel. Personnel are to possess people skills to be able to manage others through effective leadership, delegation and empowering. Someone must be held accountable for the actions of people under him/her, be it positive or negative.

Empowering management is the art of creating an environment within which a given leader’s or manager’s personnel can grow, learn, take initiatives and responsibilities, feel empowered enough to make decisions, take measured personal and professional risks, develop their autonomy, experiment new performance solutions, focus on achieving results and generally increase their organization’s value.

The leader coordinates, supervises and direct the activities of the team. This training program will explore how managers and leaders can best delegate and empower their teams to effectively achieve high performance and productivity from their team members.

Learning Objectives                                                                                                                        

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Outline the relationship between leadership, delegation and empowerment
  • Understand the four main approaches to Leadership
  • Understand the need for delegation and how personal and organizational efficiency can be improved through systematic delegation
  • Make better use of their own and their subordinates’ time
  • Understand the benefits of employee empowerment

Target Participants

Recruiters, Sales Personnel, HR professionals, Internal Trainers, Managers, Supervisors, Factory Managers, Sectional Heads and other personnel saddled with leadership responsibilities.



  • Introduction and Definition of Leadership
  • Approach to Leadership
  • Qualities or Traits Approach
  • Functional or Group Approach
  • Behavioral Approach
  • Styles Approach


  • Introduction and definition of Delegation
  • The Key Terms of Delegation
  • Accountability
  • Authority
  • Responsibility
  • What can be delegated?
  • Task not to be delegated
  • Why some Managers don’t Delegate
  • Why Managers should Delegate
  • When to Delegate
  • The Delegation Process


  • Principles of empowerment
  • The empowering manager
  • Four areas were empowerment can be applied
Angelus Consulting and Research limited. 70B, Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos State. Dec 03 - 05 Dec, 2019

Class Session: 09:00:am - 04:00:am

NGN 96,000.00
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Gabriel 08183533642

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