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Electrical Power System: Generation, Transmission and Distribution

By: Angelus Consulting and Research Limited

Lagos State, Nigeria

04 - 06 Dec, 2017  3 days

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NGN 90,000

Without power, most operations will not be able to run especially for production organizations and this importance makes it a necessity that personnel handling the power section must be up and doing in their responsibilities.

This training will give everyone working around power plant a solid understanding of the basics of power generation, distribution and management. It will also provide a means to educate personnel on the need to monitor power parameters with a view to optimize power and ensure safety of personnel and equipment.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Cut your power bills and extend the life of your equipment by using power factor correction
  • Choose the safest methods for power distribution
  • Configure WYE and delta branch and feeder circuits to provide a balanced power system
  • Learn which voltage connection to avoid to prevent equipment damage
  • Determine phase-to-phase and phase-to neutral voltages and currents
  • Understand  electrical wiring system
  • Distribute power through your plant via switchgear and busways
  • Rectify AC power into DC power
  • Provide a safe ground bus - for safety and proper equipment operation

Target Participants

Electrical Technicians/Engineers, Maintenance Personnel and all those responsible for the management of power systems in their establishment and organizations


Intensive and interactive lectures complemented by hands-on exercises using relevant training equipment.


Three (3) days


  1. Introduction to Power Generation systems
  • Types of Power Generation system
    • Hydro-power system
    • Solar power system
    • Wind power system
    • Steam / Thermal power system
    • Gas turbine power system
    • Diesel Generator
  • Advantages and disadvantage of various power generation system
  1. Power Distribution system 
  • National Utility grid
  • The Three-Phase Power System
  • 3 phase AC Transformer
    • Step up transformer
    • Step down transformer
    • WYE and DELTA transformers and connections
  • Balanced Power Circuits
  • Power  Distribution Layout
    • Factory Distribution System
    • Domestic Distribution System
  • Switchgear, Busways, Motor Control Centers
  • Electrical Earthing
  • Areas of Proper Power Factor Correction in Motor Circuit
  • Rectification of 3Ø Power into DC Power
  • Maintenance and Servicing of High Voltage Equipment
  1. Power System Management
  • Power Measurement
    • Apparent Power (KVA)
    • Real Power (KW)
    • Reactive Power (KVAR)
  • Power Factor and Correction
  • Power System Calculations
    • Load Calculation
    • Selecting an appropriate plant
    • Determining the capacity of a generator for specific load
    • Diversity factor
    • Efficiency
  • Energy Audits of the Building
Angelus Consulting and Research Limited. 70B, Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos State. Dec 04 - 06 Dec, 2017
NGN 90,000.00
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Gabriel 08183533642

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