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Operation and Maintenance of Diesel Power Generating Plants Course

By: Citadel for Technological and Engineering Dev.

Lagos State, Nigeria

26 - 28 Nov, 2019  3 days

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NGN 99,500

Venue: CITED/BOAZ Training Centre, Nigerian Institute of Surveyor (NIS) Building, 2nd floor, Left Wing, Opposite Lagos Revenue House (formerly Elephant Cement House), ASSBIFI Road, Secretariat, Alausa

This course will discuss the need for standby/emergency power generation in industries and the details of engine-based power stations. Achieving large standby capacities would call for multiple generating sets to be operated in parallel and at times synchronized with an external power source. The factors to be considered to achieve proper load sharing and also to safeguard against power grid abnormalities are discussed. A brief description of the engine- based uninterrupted power source is also included.

Programme Content

Basic Electrical Theory 

  • A brief history of electricity  
  • The static and dynamic forms of electricity the difference
  • Electrical circuits
  • Voltage, current, resistance and Ohm’s law
  • DC and AC circuits-how they differ
  • AC amplitude-time curve-Why is it called a sine wave?
  • Phasors - Introduction
  • Reactance and impedance and Ohm’s law for AC circuits: Calculation examples
  • Concept of power factor (displacement power factor)
  • Circuit theory and applicable laws for solving problems of power flow in AC and DC circuits
  • DC and AC sources 

Forms of Energy and Conversion - 

Why Electricity Is a Convenient Energy Carrier 

  • Potential and kinetic energy as the main classification of energy forms
  • Energy types based on the source such as fuel, chemical, nuclear and mechanical
  • What is meant by energy carrier?
  • Why is electricity the most preferred energy carrier?
  • Points of comparison
  • Law of energy conservation and laws of thermodynamics-Applications to power generation 

Engines for Power Generation

 Liquid and Gaseous Fuels 

  • A brief historical perspective
  • External combustion cycles (Otto, Diesel)
  • External combustion engines-Spark and compression ignition types
  • Industrial generating sets based on compression ignition cycle
  • Fuels used: liquid and gas engines 

Diesel Technology and Classifications 

  • Basic engine processes, dual fuel engines, speed classifications, service classifications 

Basic Engine Design and Ratings 

  • Design characteristics and formulas, turbo charger, ambient conditions, ISO ratings
  • Performance and efficiency, efficiency enhancements, engine speed
  • Fuel combustion methods 

Fuel Oils Used and Fuel Handling System 


  • Crude oil
  • HSD, LDO and heavy fuels
  • Economics of fuel selection
  • Pressure and temperature characteristics
  • Viscosity characteristics, specific heat and temperature, viscosity conversion
  • Specific fuel consumption
  • Fuel filters and heaters, fuel nozzles and igniters
  • Emission control, storage requirements
  • Typical fuel system layouts and components 

Lube Oil System 

  • Lube oil specification
  • Lube oil consumption in diesel engines
  • Typical Lube oil system layouts
  • Viscosity and temperature
  • Lube oil filters and heaters 

Basics of Ac Synchronous Generators and Essential Components 

  • The basic electrical generator
  • Components of the alternator
  • Stator winding in alternators
  • Rotor (field) windings, damper windings
  • Slip rings
  • Sources for supplying field current to rotor - Rotary exciters, static exciters, brushless excitation
  • Cooling components and methods of cooling 

Protection of Ac Synchronous Generators 

  • Failure modes of AC generator
  • Stator winding protection-short circuits
  • Stator winding protection-earth faults
  • Differential (circulating current type) protection for windings
  • Rotor winding protection-Single and double earth fault
  • Negative sequence current protection
  • Excitation failure and pole slip/out-of-step protection
  • Over voltage protection of generators 

Diesel Generating Sets 

  • Coupling requirements, skid mounting, layout requirements, standard control panels, interconnections 

Other Components 


  • Starting methods, starting characteristics, battery sizing, step load requirements, standby requirements
  • Auto start and auto transfer schemes • Auto transfer switches 

Testing and Commissioning 

  • Factory tests
  • Pre-commissioning checks
  • Pre-commissioning tests
  • Performance monitoring
  • Fuel and lube oil consumption checks
  • Electrical system tests 

Operation and Maintenance of Diesel Generating Plants 

  • Safety requirements, operation monitoring based on applications
  • Philosophy of maintenance, maintenance techniques, maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Spares and inventory management
  • Maintenance tools, inspection
  • Engine overhaul and repair
  • Training, health monitoring, troubleshooting
CITED/BOAZ Training Centre, Nigerian Institute of Surveyor (NIS) Building, 2nd floor, Left Wing, Opposite Lagos Revenue House (formerly Elephant Cement House), ASSBIFI Road, Secretariat, Alausa Nov 26 - 28 Nov, 2019
NGN 99,500.00 + 4,975.00 (VAT)
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