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Design, Construction and Supervision of Road Construction,Maintenance Works Course

By: Citadel for Technological and Engineering Dev.

Lagos State, Nigeria

29 - 31 Oct, 2019  3 days

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NGN 99,500

Venue: CITED/BOAZ Training Centre, Nigerian Institute of Surveyor (NIS) Building, 2nd floor, Left Wing, Opposite Lagos Revenue House (formerly Elephant Cement House), ASSBIFI Road, Secretariat, Alausa

On completion of this course participants will:

  • Identify the scope of responsibilities and authorizations to be met
  • Identify the project objectives and confirm requirements of site and operational activities
  • Inspect and identify defects in and maintenance needs of road network
  • Understand project planning targets and implement changes as required
  • Conduct ongoing monitoring and recording of on-site performance, including measurement of work output, and report on programme achievements
  • Prepare and monitor calendarized monthly/annual maintenance programme and budgets.

Programme Outline    

Introduction to Construction 

  • Requirements of a good road 
  • Basic components of a road 
  • Road reserve explained 
  • Roadbed explained with visuals 

Start of the Road Construction Process 

  • How to do road planning 
  • Road Worker Job Description 
  • Design for traffic loads and volumes 
  • Design for maintenance 
  • Materials required for constructing a road 
  • Clearing the pathway for the road 
  • Preparation of gravel roads 
  • Grubbing and stripping of topsoil 
  • Boulder removal   

Road drainage and maintenance of storm water structures 

  • Definitions of drain types 
  • Sub-surface drains 
  • Catch-water drains 
  • Miter drains 
  • Scour checks 
  • Culverts and their gradient and angles 
  • Installation of culvert pipes and other structures 
  • Storm water Design 
  • Storm water Maintenance     
  • Hydraulic Structures   
  • Erosion Protection     
  • Subsoil Drains 
  • Drainage Maintenance Summary


Completing final layers of gravel road

  • Off-loading of gravel 
  • Compaction of gravel 
  • Pave only when ready   

Asphalt roads 

  • Asphalt Properties 
  • Paving asphalt is water repellent 
  • Asphalt used in road construction 
  • General Guidelines for Asphalt Construction 
  • Preparation of paving asphalt mixtures 
  • Asphalt Transport and safe handling 
  • Paver tractor and screed units   

Safe working practices 

  • Road construction and Maintenance Hazards 
  • Physical Hazards 
  • Chemical Hazards 
  • Reducing the Risk during road construction 
  • Use of road signs in road construction and maintenance 
  • Flagging Guidelines 

Pavement Design 

  • Pavement Types 
  • Structural design and pavement type selection 
  • Behavior of different pavement types 
  • Design methods of paved streets 
  • Surface drainage 
  • Sub-surface drainage 
  • Service trenches 
  • Pavement cross section 
  • Kerbs and channels 
  • Edging   

Road Maintenance 

  • Road Conditions and Road Safety in South Africa 
  • Road Maintenance activities 
  • Classification of Maintenance 
  • Routine Maintenance 
  • Recurrent Maintenance 
  • Periodic Maintenance 
  • Urgent Maintenance 
  • Maintaining gravel roads 
  • Characteristics of Well-Maintained Gravel Road 
  • Gravel Road Maintenance problems 
  • Riding Surface 
  • Crown
  • Washboard 
  • Potholes 
  • Drainage problems 
  • Methods to repair gravel roads 
  • Repairing Problem Areas 
  • Patching 
  • Grading of road surfaces 
  • Secondary ditches 
  • Grading Ditches and Drains 
  • Optimum Timing/Conditions for Maintenance   

Principles of Asphalt pavement distress 

  • General Repairs 
  • Types of asphalt road maintenance 
  • Rutting and transverse cracks 
  • Edge damage 
  • Patches and potholes 
  • Patches and Pothole repair techniques 
  • Asphalt Surface patching 
  • Steps for Surface patch repairs for potholes 
  • Full-Depth Asphalt Repair 
  • Pothole repair failures   

Painting road symbols 

  • Types of Road Markings 
  • Instructions for applying road markings 
  • Pavement Marking Removal 
  • Safety guidelines when painting roads 
  • Conclusion and group work   

Road Construction and Maintenance Funding   

  • PPPs
  • Difference between PPPs and other forms of finance 
  • Operation and Maintenance Contracts 
  • Finance documents and Security Documents 
  • Sponsor Support Agreements 
  • Project Selection Strategies and financial considerations 
  • Project Appraisals and Feasibility studies 
  • Credit Enhancement Techniques 
  • Essential Risk Evaluation Techniques 
CITED/BOAZ Training Centre, Nigerian Institute of Surveyor (NIS) Building, 2nd floor, Left Wing, Opposite Lagos Revenue House (formerly Elephant Cement House), ASSBIFI Road, Secretariat, Alausa Oct 29 - 31 Oct, 2019
NGN 99,500.00 + 4,975.00 (VAT)
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Engr Bola Bido 08037192728

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