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Internet Security AwarenesS Training

By: Tom Associates Training  

Lagos State, Nigeria

07 - 11 May, 2018  5 days

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NGN 175,000

Course Contents


Having a security mindset

  • What is Internet Security?
  • What is at risk?
    • Identity theft - people impersonating you
    • Data theft of valuable personal and official data
    • Accounts hacking using loopholes to gain access and commit crime
    • Political damage through carelessness about what you place and share online. (There no delete button on the internet.)
  • What does having a security mindset mean?

Understanding How the Internet Works

  • The inter-network of computers and devices reachable from anywhere
  • The technical structure of the internet
  • The critical features of Internet to be aware of:
    • No one is in control
    • Whatever gets on the internet - no true delete option
    • All internet service companies keep a permanent copy of everything
    • People whose full-time job is finding and exploiting Internet loopholes
    • Experts at online fraud and hacking
    • Spywares and malwares to control and monitor your computer without you knowing
    • Porn websites, gambling websites, free downloads websites and free movies websites

Take-away Guidelines - Privacy

  • Supplementing Passwords
  • Effectively Erasing Files
  • How Anonymous Are You?
  • Understanding Encryption
  • Protecting Your Privacy
  • Choosing and Protecting Passwords

Take-away Guidelines - Email and Communications

  • Understanding your computer: email clients
  • Understanding digital signatures
  • Using instant messaging and chat rooms
  • Caution with email attachments
  • Staying safe on social networking sites
  • Benefits of blind copies (Bcc)
  • Reducing spam
  • Benefits and risks of free email services.


Internet Security Architecture

  • The OSI Reference Model
    • Layer 1: Physical Layer
    • Layer 2: Data Link Layer
    • Layer 3: Network Layer
    • Layer 4: Transport Layer
    • Layer 5: Session Layer
    • Layer 6: Presentation Layer
    • Layer 7: Application Layer
  • Understanding TCP/IP protocols
  • Firewalls and their vital role
  • Setting  up proxys and VPN as further protection
  • Authentication and Authorization

Classes of Internet Attack

  • Denial of Service Attack
  • IP Spoofing Attack
  • Sniffer Attack
  • Man-in-the-middle Attack
  • Trojan or Backdoor Attack
  • Brute Force Attack
  • Malware Attack
  • DNS Spoofing
  • Injection Attacks
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Cryptographic Attacks
  • Social Engineering Attacks

Take-away Guidelines - Attacks and Threats

  • Securing data
  • Handling destructive malware
  • Understanding Hidden Threats: Rootkits and Botnets
  • Dealing with Cyberbullies
  • Identifying Hoaxes and Urban Legends
  • Understanding Corrupted Software Files
  • Recognizing Fake Antiviruses
  • Recognizing and Avoiding Spyware
  • Understanding Denial-of-Service Attacks
  • Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks
  • Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft
  • Recovering from Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses.


What Should You Do To Be Safe?

  • The right password policy
  • Information governance
  • Effective antivirus with internet protection
  • Updated versions of computer’s operating system
  • Avoid indiscriminate plugging of external storage devices
  • Discipline with movies, music and software online
  • Discipline with social media and professional accounts
  • Discipline with torrent sites
  • Documents back up
  • Appropriate set-up of DMZ, Firewalls and VPNs

Take-away Guidelines - Mobile Devices

  • Protecting Portable Devices: Physical Security
  • Holiday Traveling with Personal Internet-Enabled Devices
  • Cybersecurity for Electronic Devices
  • Using Caution with USB Drives
  • Securing Wireless Networks
  • Protecting Portable Devices: Data Security
  • Defending Cell Phones and PDAs Against Attack.




Recovering From an Attack

  • Resetting accounts immediately
  • Information sharing
  • Ignoring strange messages
  • Setting up Email Signing and Domain Keys Identified Mail
  • Optional configuration of Sender Policy Framework
  • Configuring appropriate firewalls
  • Blocking vulnerable ports
  • Setting up access lists to critical infrastructure
  • MAC hardware address white list
  • Reconfiguring network devices to block exploited loopholes
  • Damage estimating and containment
  • Updating antivirus and full system scan
  • Using signed certificates
  • Biometric authentication

Take-away Guidelines - Safe Browsing

  • Shopping Safely Online
  • Understanding Bluetooth Technology
  • Understanding Web Site Certificates
  • Avoiding Copyright Infringement
  • Understanding Your Computer: Web Browsers
  • Understanding Internationalized Domain Names
  • Evaluating Your Web Browser's Security Settings
  • Browsing Safely: Understanding Active Content and Cookies

Take-away Guidelines - Software and Apps

  • Understanding Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Risks of File-Sharing Technology
  • Reviewing End-User License Agreements
  • Understanding Your Computer: Operating Systems
  • Understanding Patches.




General Security

  • Before You Connect a New Computer to the Internet
  • Securing Your Home Network
  • Prepare for Heightened Phishing Risk
  • International Mobile Safety Tips
  • Real-World Warnings Keep You Safe Online
  • Understanding Anti-Virus Software
  • Understanding Firewalls
  • Good Security Habits
  • Coordinating Virus and Spyware Defense
  • Safeguarding Your Data

General Information

  • Understanding Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Guidelines for Publishing Information Online.
5/7 Alade Lawal Street, Opposite Divisional Police Station, Off Ikorodu Road, Anthony, Lagos. May 07 - 11 May, 2018

Registration: 08:30:am - 09:00:am

Class Session: 09:00:am - 04:00:am

NGN 175,000.00
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Mr Abiodun Toki 08033019120

Discount of 5% to 3-4 participants from same organization. Discount of 10% to 5 or more participants from same organization.
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