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Advanced Budgeting and Cost Control Seminar

By: Fontini Consulting Ltd

Abuja FCT, Nigeria

21 - 24 Jun, 2021  4 days

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NGN 195,500

Venue: Alexis Hotel, Jabi Utako, Abuja

Planning and budgeting are must-have skills for all professionals regardless of their function or managerial level. This course covers the concept of budgeting as a planning tool, a financial device and a control mechanism. In addition, it provides the necessary application tools required to making long-term and short-term planning decisions.

Course Methodology

This course focuses on exercises, case studies, and individual and group presentations.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Defend the importance of linking an organization's budget with its strategic plan
  • Demonstrate how the budget relates to the key financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow
  • Prepare the key elements of an operating and capital budget and evaluate the different budgeting approaches used
  • Apply cost control tools, analyse management variance reports and take proper corrective action
  • Calculate different capital budgeting evaluation techniques as included in a capital expenditure proposal
  • Utilize cost-volume-profit analysis in making budgeting decisions

Target Audience

All managers, supervisors and analysts who prepare or use management budgets.

Target Competencies

  • Interpreting financial statements
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Cost control
  • Capital budgeting
  • Applying cost-volume-profit analysis
  • Utilizing breakeven analysis

Course Outline

  • Planning and the functions of management
  • The critical functions of management
  • Aligning the budget with the strategy of the organization
  • Road map to strategy
  • Budget as a planning tool
  • Control: the missing link
  • Planning pitfalls
  • The key financial statements
  • The accounting system
  • The income statements
  • The balance sheets
  • The cash flow statement
  • Budgeting: process and approaches
  • The advantages of budgeting
  • The budget process
  • Rolling budgets
  • The master budget
  • Operating and capital budgets
  • The budgeted financial statements
  • Approaches to budgeting:
  • Incremental budgeting
  • Zero based budgeting
  • Flexible budgeting
  • Kaizen budgeting and continuous improvement
  • Activity based budgeting
  • Tools of forecasting
  • Direct and indirect costs
  • Characteristics of an effective budget
  • Problems in budgeting
  • Cost control
  • Budget as a control tool
  • The control processes
  • Characteristics of an effective control system
  • Responsibility reporting
  • Variance analysis: identifying the components of variance
  • Variance analysis: taking the corrective action
  • Capital expenditure budgeting and analysis
  • Time value of money
  • Simple versus compound interest
  • Identifying and analysing cash flows
  • The discount rate: using cost of capital
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Profitability Index (PI)
  • Pay-Back Period (PBP)
  • Accounting Rate of Return (ARR)
  • Approval for Expenditure (AFE)
  • Sensitivity and risk analysis
  • Cost-Volume-Profit analysis (CVP)
  • Identifying the fixed costs and variable costs
  • Computing breakeven point in units
  • Computing breakeven point in sales
  • Assumptions of CVP analysis
  • Using CVP in budgeting decisions
Alexis Hotel, Jabi Utako, Abuja Jun 21 - 24 Jun, 2021
NGN 195,500.00
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Dr. Francis Okereke 08035062583

Francis Okereke Ph.D,FCA,FCIB,FIMC,CMC,FCILRM,FPEFON,AMNIM,MBA will lead other industry experts in this all important seminar.

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