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Accounting, Decision Making and Financial Communication Course

By: Copex Training Courses and Seminar

United Kingdom

18 - 22 Nov, 2019  5 days

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USD 4,950

Venue: London

Understanding the fundamentals of Accounting and Finance is essential for making and communicating decisions. This training course will provide a comprehensive illustration of how accounting information is collected, recorded, how it is analyzed and presented both internally and externally, to support effective management, control, and decision making. This is important because key personnel in an organization use accounting information which is often said the ‘language of business’; hence it is essential to understand and to be able to use this language. This training course will also introduce delegates to the systems and structures of financial and management accounting and their value in ensuring the success of the business.

Course Objectives

By attending this COPEX training course you should achieve these goals:

  • Understand income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement
  • Interpret cost behavior and its impact on product costing
  • Understand the process of budgeting
  • Master cost allocation to departments, products, and services
  • Design a performance measurement system

Designed for:

This COPEX training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals who wish to achieve career progress by expanding their financial knowledge. However, it will be most suitable for operational and middle Managers who wish to better understand and make use of financial information in their management roles, for example:

  • Members of the operational management team
  • Managers who have responsibility for divisional performance
  • Managers who have responsibility for support functions
  • Consultants who provide advice on systems and operations
  • Senior staff members of any department
London Nov 18 - 22 Nov, 2019
USD 4,950.00(24 - 28 Sep 2018 - Rome, Italy)
USD 4,950.00(19 - 23 Nov 2018 - London, UK)
USD 5,950.00(29 Jul - 02 Aug 2019 - Geneva, Switzerland)
USD 5,950.00(18 - 22 Nov 2019 - London, UK)
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