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Driving Profitable Growth Course

By: Centre for Public Service Productivity and Development

Lagos State, Nigeria

09 - 12 Apr, 2019  4 days

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USD 5,000

Pursuing sustainable, profitable growth is one of the most vexing challenges your organization faces. You know that many fast-growing companies have stumbled. Some have trouble scaling their organizational and business models. Others struggle to escape saturated, mature markets. Still others find their cultures cannot evolve to deal with greater scale and complexity.

This business growth strategy program focuses on how leaders of mid-size and large organizations can build and run companies capable of sustaining profitable growth. It focuses on three key questions leaders need to ask and answer to drive profitable growth: what is your company's strategic imperative for growth? How will you achieve growth? How can you maintain organizational health through the stages of business growth?

What you can expect

As the leader of a dynamic enterprise, you have to answer tough questions about your business's growth strategy. Can we tap more demand? Can we build our capacity? Can we maintain profits? Can our culture survive the growth cycle? Driving profitable growth explores these questions in detail, drawing on illustrative case studies from egon zehnder, valve software, ibm, jetblue, and virgin group, among others. You will gain insight into the nature of growth as a process, as well as the key factors and tradeoffs that may affect your company's success. The program will prepare you to assess:

  • Why and when growth becomes a reasonable strategic goal
  • Can you identify a clear market opportunity?
  • Will growth strengthen your competitive position?
  • What are the operative external factors?
  • How solid are the financials?
  • Which approach to growth makes the most sense
  • Should you pursue rapid spurts, or slow and deliberate growth?
  • Does it make sense to scale up or scope out?
  • Should you expand into adjacent markets?
  • Should you acquire an existing entity?
  • How the enterprise culture will be affected
  • What kind of talent does growth require?
  • How will growth affect your brand?
  • Can your enterprise culture evolve?
  • How can you keep your people engaged as you grow?
  • How to manage the growth process
  • How much growth is optimal?
  • What if revenues get ahead of profits?
  • How can you hold on to the reins and course correct as needed?

Your course of study

The program is organized into three modules, each focusing on a key leadership challenge presented by growth. Participants will be asked to come prepared to present a specific challenge their enterprise faces so that scenario processing can be integrated throughout the three modules. Curriculum topics include:

  • Crafting a successful growth strategy
  • Assessing the potential opportunities and the risks, in your current markets
  • Understanding the potential impediments to growth within your organization
  • Evaluating the opportunities in adjacent markets
  • Understanding the financial requirements and putting them in place
  • Understanding the levers of growth
  • Scaling your current business
  • Expanding geographically
  • Assessing the value of growth by acquisition
  • Maintaining the delicate revenue-profit balance
  • Managing the cultural impact of growth
  • Preparing your corporate culture for growth
  • Managing the impact on your brand
  • Identifying what parts of the enterprise will undergo the greatest change
  • Developing an approach to recruiting and maintaining the talent you need
  • Growing your leadership as the enterprise grows
  • Ensuring your technology infrastructure stays ahead of the curve
  • Identifying and managing potential bottlenecks
  • Continuously monitoring cultural impact
  • Maintaining robust internal communication

Who is right for the program

Driving profitable growth is designed for senior-level executives and experienced leaders who are responsible for driving growth within their enterprises. Participants hail from a variety of organizations - both young and established companies that are medium or large in size - and may come to the program to develop solutions to scaling challenges, fulfill their company's growth potential, or discover new avenues for growth.

The program is open to senior executives from a variety of functional backgrounds, including research and development, operations, human resources, finance, and marketing. These leaders, tasked with managing the growth challenge, may include:

  • General managers
  • Chief business development officers
  • Chief financial officers
  • Chief executive officers
  • Heads of research and development
  • Managers of mergers and acquisitions


Because a diverse participant mix is an important part of every cpspd executive education program, we look for candidates who reflect a broad range of industries, functions, countries, and backgrounds to enrich the learning experience.

NOTE : Fees, payments, and cancellations.

No payment is necessary until you have been accepted into cpspd executive education program. After admission notification, we will send you an invoice via email; payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. If admission is within 30 days prior to the start of the program, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Payment is required prior to the program start date. We accept payment by company cheque, bank wire transfer, or credit card (visa, mastercard). Details are included on the program invoice.

If you need to cancel or defer participation, you must submit your request in writing more than 30 days before the start of the program to receive a full refund. Due to program demand and the volume of preprogram preparation, cancellations or deferrals received 14 to 30 days prior to the start of the program are subject to a fee of one-half of the program fee. Requests received within 14 days are subject to full payment.


Although there are no formal educational requirements, admission is a selective process based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility. We look for professionals who have demonstrated business talent and leadership potential.

Cpspd executive education programs enrich both participants and their organizations, and require full commitment from each party.

Language proficiency

We deliberately design our programs to encourage individual growth and to foster productive interaction among participants. For that reason, proficiency in written and spoken english is essential.

Application process

Cpspd must receive your application and any other required documents in order to prepare the application for review by the admissions committee.

Delivery method
The programme will be delivered using the following methodologies: lectures, discussions, syndicate work, videos, case studies and exercises

Golden Tulip Hotel, 42/44 Murtala Mohammed International Airport Road,Lagos, Nigeria Apr 09 - 12 Apr, 2019
USD 5,000.00(The $5,000 program fee covers tuition, books, case materials, accommodations, and most meals. There is no application fee.)
NGN 1,510,000.00(The NGN1,510,000 program fee covers tuition, books, case materials, accommodations, and most meals. There is no application fee.)
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Dr Chris Egbu +2348023194131

Payment is required prior to the program start date. Organization sponsoring 2 participants will attract 10% discount and above 2 participants attracts 15% discount.
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