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Product Development and Management Course

By: LCL Coaches Consultants  

Lagos State, Nigeria

30 Apr - 02 May, 2019  3 days

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NGN 125,000

Delegates of Product Developement and Management Course will benefit  the following:

  • Understanding of complete product development process
  • Understand how to build products with sustainable competitive advantage
  • Learn to priorities new product ideas based on business strategic alignment, return on investments and ability to execute.
  • Deliver new product developments on time and how to manage a team (or virtual team) of project resources and multiple business units’ stakeholders
  • Learn how to conduct a detailed project financial analysis, how to develop value and market-based product pricing and how to develop product cost models and product forecasts
  • Six Broad Competencies Addressed in the Training are:
  • Identify and analyses the strategic elements of product development processes.
  • Develop a product innovation charter.
  • Apply idea generation techniques, and
  • Create and test viable product concepts using appropriate assessment techniques.
  • Assess the challenges and opportunities associated with the launch of new products
  • Propose a framework suitable for the management of a new product development process.


Day One

  • Strategy and planning: Define your strategic objectives, understand your own value position        
  • Define your market: Market size, market demand and market share        
  • Strategic market assessment: Market attractiveness and competitive advantage
  • Development options: Create or outsource, partner selection criteria, operational models             
  • Value creation and product feature selection: Customer needs and key product features identification using Kano method    
  • Market segmentation: Needs based market segmentation           
  • Competitor analysis: Industry analysis, competitor analysis, competitive advantage          

Day Two

  • Concept development and ideas screening: Idea and concept development, project screening and prioritization     
  • Feasibility study How to conduct a feasibility study           
  • High level project planning: Project resources, project management        
  • Business case: Business case structure and writing           
  • Financial analysis: Detailed project financial analysis, cost factors, revenue factors            
  • Product pricing  Value based product pricing       
  • Cost modelling and forecasting  Cost model development and product forecasting            
  • Product and business requirements: Business and product requirements documents structure and sample PRD               
  • Detailed project management plan: Project integration management, scope management, time management, cost, communications, risk, procurement, quality             

Day Three

  • Product solution definition and design:  Detailed product design including product description, marketing plan, product features, commercials, service levels          
  • Business process design Quoting and ordering process, implementation, support, billing 
  • Technical solution architecture: Functional model, data model, vendor evaluation, bench testing, ensuring design quality   
  • OSS/BSS: Architecture considerations    
  • Design tools and tips: POC, ITIL, solution architecture templates
  • Finalizing product build  Product sales and marketing guides, price sheets, product/service collateral, proposals, application forms…   
  • Technical solution build Finals processes, technical guide, OSS/BSS           
  • PRT / ORT: Product readiness testing (technical, commercial and operational)     
  • Product launch: Launch activities, presentations
  • Product lifecycle: Performance management and reporting         
  • Other tools and tips: Leadership and staff choice, portfolio planning, marketing planning and budget       
No 2 Oyefeso Avenue (road between Consolidated Hallmark Insurance and Fidson Ltd), Off Ikorodu road, Savoil Bus stop, Obanikoro, Lagos. Apr 30 - 02 May, 2019
NGN 125,000.00
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sina Lajorin 08033241313, 08092566798

Discount of 10% for 2 to 4 booking, 20% for 5 plus booking
Executive Coach Sina Lajorin
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