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Strategic Managerial Accounting Course: Cost Behaviour System Analysis

By: LCL Coaches Consultants  

Lagos State, Nigeria

18 - 22 Oct, 2021  5 days

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NGN 157,500

Venue: Lagos

Cost behavior analysis refers to management’s attempt to understand how operating costs change in relation to a change in an organization’s level of activity. These costs may include direct materials, direct labor, and overhead costs that are incurred from developing a product. Management typically performs cost behavior analysis through mathematical cost functions.

Competencies Addressed in this training include:

  • Understand how fixed and variable costs behave and how to use them to predict costs.
  •  Use a scattergraph plot to diagnose cost behavior.
  •  Analyze a mixed cost using the high-low method.
  •  Prepare an income statement using the contribution format.
  • Analyze a mixed cost using the least-squares regression method
  • Implement appropriate measures that can add value to the organisation
  • Appreciate the importance of selecting the appropriate financial strategy to maximise shareholder value
  • Consider the appropriate financial strategies for use in mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and reorganisations, and appropriate takeover bid defenses
  • Develop a better cost management system
  • Design a comprehensive performance measurement system
  • Link strategy, budgeting and costin


Day One

Management and Financial Accounting: Key Concepts and Terminology

  • Identify the Major Differences and Similarities between Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Understand The Role of Management Accountants in an Organization
  • Linking Strategy to Planning and Costing
  • The Key Role of Budgeting and Cost Control in Contemporary Organizations
  • Towards a Cross-Functional Process-View of the Organization
  • Understand Your Processes: Integrating Financial and Non-financial aspects
  • Understanding The Financial Statements

Financial Performance Management 

  • Understanding, Analysing and Interpreting Financial Statements
  • Agency Theory and Its Impact on The Firm’s Goals
  • Investor and Stock Market Behaviour: Share Price Drivers
  • Key Concepts in Measuring Shareholder Value
  • Understanding Cost Behaviour and Profit
  • Measuring and Improving Return On Investment
  • A Strategic Approach to Cost Reduction
  • Managing and Improving Shareholder Value

Day Two

Cost Analysis

  • What is Costing?
  • Cost Concepts and Terminology
  • Different Costs For Different Purposes
  • Fixed vs. Variable Costs: The Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Model
  • Contribution Margin Analysis
  • Manufacturing vs. Non-manufacturing Costs
  • Period vs. Product costs: Inventory Evaluation and Control

Traditional vs. Advanced Techniques in Cost-control

  • Under-costing and Over-costing: The Consequences for Profitability
  • How to refine a Costing System?
  • Indirect vs. Direct Costs
  • Traditional Cost Allocations Systems vs. Activity-Based Costing
  • Cost Hierarchy & Cost Drivers
  • Linking Resources, Activities and Management
  • Introducing Activity-Based Budgeting and Management

Day Three

  • Relative Cost Position Analysis
    • Costing methods
    • Comparative production capacity computations
    • Economies of scope and scale computations
    • Supply chain processes analysis
    • Comparative technology deployment
    • Setting and auditing the Quality-Cost-Time (QCT) factors of projects.
  • Awareness of Competitive Conditions 
  • Strategies for Improving Business Operations
    • Budgeting
    • Costing
    • Market intelligence and competitor analysis.

 Day Four

  • Internal and External Operations Management
    • Choice of appropriate business model
  • Integrated Measures
    • Balanced Scorecard analysis
    • Determined focus on critical result areas
    • Discipline with key performance indicators
    • Control systems to drive strategy.
  • Pricing Power Matrix
  • Cost Leadership and Product Differentiation Decisions.

Day Five

Budgeting: Flexible Budgets and Variance Analysis

  • The Role of Budgeting
  • Define the Master Budget and Explain Its Major Benefits to An Organization
  • Describe The Difference between A Static Budget and A Flexible Budget
  • Compute Flexible-budget Variances and Sales-volume Variances
  • Discuss the Behavioral Implication of Budgeting
  • The Budgeting Process in Your Organization: How to improve it?
  • Which tools shall we use to complement Budgeting and Costing?
  • Problems, Case Study and Exercises
Lagos Oct 18 - 22 Oct, 2021
NGN 157,500.00
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Sina Lajorin 08033241313, 09026713101

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Executive coach sina Lajorin

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