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No Nonsense Guide to Selling Training

By: JK Michaels Consulting  

Lagos State, Nigeria

19 - 20 Sep, 2019  2 day

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NGN 75,000

No Nonsense Guide to Selling training  provides sales people with all the fundamental selling skills and techniques they need to become successful sales people. It’s no secret that selling has changed in recent years. We are all working harder, with more responsibilities. High pressure selling is no longer effective. Customers want involvement. They want to be recognized and listened to. And they don’t want you to forget them once the sale is made. Two key objectives of this workshop are to help employees feel more comfortable and skilled in selling to their customers and to help them identify and address some of their customer service challenges.

Course Objectives

  • Enhance your success in developing customer relationships
  • Develop your own professional selling skills methodology
  • Heighten prospect interest in your product or service
  • Turn objections into benefits
  • Learn to recognize conflicting, non-verbal behaviors
  • Make presentations an effective closing tool
  • Learn successful sales techniques for group and committee presentations
  • Professionalize your proposals
  • Discover new team sales skills and consultative selling approaches
  • Shorten sales cycles with effective questioning techniques
  • Learn how to zero in on your best prospects to increase sales
  • Raise the profitability of each sales hour and the effectiveness of all sales techniques
  • Learn how to put “punch” into your correspondence
  • Counter customer stalling tactics to boost closing rates
  • Quickly build your territory by discovering “hidden” sources of prospects
  • Create winning proposals that knock out the competition
  • Use new negotiating tactics to avoid concessions and boost profit margins
  • Discover the power of marrying marketing strategies with innovative sales techniques
  • Learn how to turn objections into commitments
  • No Nonsense Guide to Selling Training

Benefits to the Individuals

  • Exploring New Avenues in Getting in Touch with Customers.
  • Outwitting the Competitors by developing specific skills set that will help formulate strategies and concoct creative ideas to outwit the competition.
  • Improved Skills on how to properly deal with each type of customer or buyer and how to let your customer know that you are listening to their needs.
  • Build credibility and differentiate performance by being truly consultative and asking intelligent, professional questions
  • Present the right solution in a persuasive and engaging way
  • Master your own natural sales style
  • Develop an in-depth understanding into human behavior and personality styles
  • A revolutionary system to achieve significantly more success from using the telephone
  • The ability to prepare a sales presentation in less than twenty minute
  • A new found confidence based on your natural style of presenting

Benefit to the Organization

  • Increase the organizational bottom line
  • Develop a formidable sales force
  • Increase the organization’s market share
  • How You will Benefit:
  • Understand a wonderful paradox: helping other people get what they want gives us more of what we want.
  • Use goal-setting techniques as a way to focus on what you want to accomplish and develop strategies for getting there.
  • Recognize the difference between features and benefits of products and services.
  • Identify and be able to better present the competitive strengths of your products and services, so that you can be proactive in handling objections and more successful at asking for the business.
  • Use different types of selling for different situations.
  • Identify ways to find new clients and network effectively.
Lagos Sep 19 - 20 Sep, 2019
NGN 75,000.00
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We have acclaimed network of internationally certified, practical, professional, A+ rated, best-in –class facilitators with aggregate experience of over 25 years.
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