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Financial Modelling and Forcasting Techniques Course

By: JK Michaels Consulting  

Lagos State, Nigeria

02 - 04 Apr, 2019  3 days

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NGN 250,000

The Accredited Financial Analyst® Certificate Program is a US Certified Course designed to develop the skills required by Financial Analysts, Research Analyst and Equity Analysts to execute critical functions related to Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance, Equity Research, Investment Analysis and Financial Modeling. This Globally coveted Designation is offered by American Academy of Financial Management USA. Which is a 17 year old Educational Board based out of Colorado Springs USA with over 3,00,000 Certificants Globally.

In a world of specialization, no other profession requires such broad, yet in-depth knowledge than that of Financial Analyst. Financial Analysts must not only possess a broad understanding of the financial markets-including structure, organization, efficiency, portfolio management, risk and return, and planning and construction-but they must also have a strong sense of how to evaluate industries and companies prior to engaging in an analysis of a specific stock. The AFA® Certification Program provides the broad-based knowledge professionals and students of the markets need to manage money and maximize return.

The job outlook for financial analysts is expected to grow by 23 percent YOY from 2010 to 2020. Alongside this growth is an expected increase in competition found in this job market. There are a lot of individuals who intend to pursue a career path as a financial analyst due to the promising pay and other opportunities. Hence, people who want to stand out from the rest of the pack opt to earn a financial analyst certification to prove that they have what it takes to be worthy of the field. A certification also strengthens one’s prospects in the company they are in and can help them climb up the employment ladder.

The Accredited Financial Analyst focuses on the global markets and analysis thereof while also preparing the professional to understand financial statements and analyze financial, legal and economic data. It presents invaluable tools and techniques for market analysts who analyze such data, along with specialist issues including CFOs, Executives, Manager, financial managers, financial planners, portfolio managers, hedge fund managers, professionals in mergers and acquisitions, equity research professionals.

Accredited Financial Analyst|Aafm Certification  Course Objective

In this program students will learn to:

  • Interpret the effect of Global & Local Economic Environment on Financial Markets and Investments
  • Forecast the impact of government economic policies on a business.
  • Analyze Financial Statements to find out the Financial Strengths and Weakness of a company using the various tools of Analysis.
  • Monitor and control corporate exposure to financial and operational risks.
  • Recognize corporate governance issues that arise from the separation of corporate ownership and control.
  • Employ working capital strategies and tools to efficiently manage current assets and liabilities.
  • Optimize capital structure, manage costs of long-term capital and quantitatively evaluate capital resource investments.
  • Use statistical methods for the analysis of quantitative data and their application in a range of Financial Analysis Techniques.
  • Apply basic statistical methods in solving financial problems.
  • Describe and interpret the general features of fixed income securities and understand the basic operations of fixed income markets.
  • Use basic interest rate derivatives like futures and options to manage risk and have general knowledge of other interest rate derivatives like FRA, interest rate swap, and credit default swap.
  • Construct optimal portfolios and illustrate the theory and empirical applications of asset-pricing models.
  • Explain macro and industry analysis, equity valuation, financial statement analysis and technical analysis.
  • Characterize the implications of the market efficiency evidence on active portfolio management.
  • Develop and employ theoretical valuation methods to price financial instruments including Alternative Investments.
  • Apply Alternative Investment instruments in managing the risk of investing and hedging activity at the individual and the corporate level.
  • Use discounted cash flow models to measure the impact of alternative investment strategies in order to formulate a strategy to maximize investment yield. Variables for comparison will include alternative financing, project density, income and expense expectations.
  • Make investment policy recommendations, including the determination of an optimal asset allocation.
  • Analyse and evaluate the performance of an investment manager. Use and develop spread-sheet based Financial Modelling solutions to financial problems
  • An awareness of ethical, social and cultural issues within a global context and their importance in the exercise of professional skills and responsibilities as a Financial Analyst
  • For course dates and other enrollment details on our next accredited financial analyst training see below.
Lagos Apr 02 - 04 Apr, 2019
NGN 250,000.00
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We have acclaimed network of internationally certified, practical, professional, A+ rated, best-in –class facilitators with aggregate experience of over 25 years.
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