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Training on Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

By: Data-Afrique Consultancy


27 - 31 May, 2019  5 days

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USD 1,000

Participatory monitoring evaluation is crucial in planning and project management. This course will improve the understanding of participants on participatory monitoring and evaluation and facilitate the making of informed decisions. The course will identify the principles, elements, and techniques used in participatory monitoring and evaluation.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the meaning of participatory monitoring and evaluation
  • Identify the principles and elements of PME
  • Determine the tools and techniques used in PME
  • Understand the use of GIS and GPS in mapping PME data

Who Should Attend

The course targets researchers, extension workers, managers, advocacy workers and community facilitators who posses at minimum two years experience in planning and management activities.

Course Outline

  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) introduction
  • Understanding PME
  • Objectives of participatory M and E
  • Application, advantages, and disadvantages of PME
  • PME principle
  • Development and implementation of PME
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Determination of objective and indicators of PME planning
  • Information sharing and determining actions to be undertaken
  • PME frameworks
  • Strategic framework
  • Logical framework
  • PME planning
  • Development of PME plans
  • Implementation of PME plans
  • PME mainstreaming with program plans
  • PME techniques and tools
  • Society indicators and records
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal
  • Evidence photographing
  • Self-evaluation tools
  • PME indicators
  • Indicator definition
  • Consideration factors in selecting PME indicators
  • Indicators formulation
  • Forms of indicators
  • Participatory Action Research (PAR)
  • Differentiating action and social research
  • Research mapping and planning
  • Participatory baseline
  • PME data analysis
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Participatory dissemination
  • Tools and methods of participatory information gathering
  • Validation of data
  • Application of NVivo in qualitative analysis
  • Participatory Impact Assessment
  • Understanding participatory impact assessment
  • The 8 stages of participatory impact assessment
  • Tools and methods for participatory impact assessment
  • Mapping of PME using GIS and GPS
  • PME indicator mapping
  • Participatory GIS software (Quantum GIS)

General Notes

  • This course is delivered by our seasoned trainers who have vast experience as expert professionals in the respective fields of practice. The course is taught through a mix of practical activities, theory, group works and case studies.
  • Training manuals and additional reference materials are provided to the participants.
  • Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be issued with a certificate.

Registration: 08:30:am - 08:30:am

Class Session: 08:00:am - 04:00:am

USD 1,000.00
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DUNCAN KARIUKI +254723360025

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