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Managing Collaborative Development Course

By: PetroKnowledge Training

United States of America (USA)

29 Apr - 03 May, 2019  5 days

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USD 6,950

This PetroKnowledge Course on Managing Collaborative Development focuses on the challenges and rewards of development through collaboration.   It sets out a detailed process that clarifies how alliances and joint ventures should be structured and managed and enables delegates to familiarise themselves with leading-edge thinking and best practice in this increasingly important activity. 

This high-level 5-day PetroKnowledge course will examine in depth the unique managerial challenges that a collaborative development approach presents and will demonstrate how to apply due diligence in making operating decisions that maximise the potential for achieving and sustaining profitable growth through selection of best available investors and partners.

Due diligence is required across all business decisions that affect every aspect of an organisation’s activities.  Within the scope of development based on balancing effective internal and external relationships we focus on the unique managerial challenges of meeting the requirements of multiple players – our own organisation, investors, partners. 

We will study in detail how to create and apply a structured business process that is aimed at increasing the impact and potential of the choices we make in attracting investors and partners in taking our business forward.

This PetroKnowledge course on Managing Collaborative Development will highlight the following key topics.

  • Aligning the needs and strategies of multiple stakeholders.
  • The principle of stakeholder value and its strategic relevance.
  • Turning an independent investor into a committed partner.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation in these major relationships.
  • “Collaborate To Compete” – the new concept in business development
New York - USA Apr 29 - 03 May, 2019
USD 6,950.00
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Emelia Jayne +971 56 222 7795

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