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Transport Infrastructure Performance and Maintenance Course

By: Fontini Consulting Ltd

Abia State, Nigeria

23 - 26 Jul, 2019  4 days

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USD 2,250

Venue: Sheraton Hotel Ikeja Lagos Nigeria

Transport and road authorities around the world deliver and manage infrastructure for communities. It is therefore important that these assets are managed sustainably and efficiently, to ensure they continue to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. Rapid changes in technology, are motivating Transport Infrastructure Managers around the world to build on their knowledge, in order to deliver transport systems that meet current and future infrastructure requirements.

This Transport Infrastructure Performance and Maintenance course is an intensive training program, exclusively designed to provide performance and maintenance managers the opportunity to understand the system of practice utilized globally. The primary objective of the program is to broaden their vision and professional understanding of various challenges, concepts and best practices.

This course will facilitate knowledge sharing through group workshops, using global project delivery examples. Day to day practical project experiences and team exercises will allow participants to engage and become better equipped to manage the delivery and processes of infrastructure maintenance. The key goal of this training is to broaden the perspective of participants and highlight the necessary tools needed to successfully manage transport and infrastructure maintenance.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance the professional understanding of key performance management, reporting and maintenance management systems
  • Explain network vision and the critical role of performance and maintenance reporting, on the overall organizational funding and delivery strategies 
  • Gain knowledge on all key areas of transport infrastructure performance and maintenance management systems
  • List various infrastructure funding options to successfully achieve Performance and Maintenance Management objectives
  • Describe and demonstrate the importance of maintenance, governance and assurance processes
  • Build responsiveness and understanding of performance and maintenance management practices
  • Demonstrate the importance of effective transport infrastructure performance.

Target Audience

This Transport Infrastructure Performance and Maintenance course is an intensive training program exclusively designed for senior executives, maintenance managers, planners, engineers and staff responsible for decision making and for delivering/managing transport performance and maintenance activities.

Target Competencies

  • Performance Reporting
  • Maintenance Management Practices
  • Infrastructure Project Funding
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Network Visions and Strategies
  • Maintenance Governance

Course Outline

  • Transport Infrastructure Performance and Maintenance
  • Importance of performance assessment and reporting
  • Objectives, challenges, outcomes and options
  • Strategic transport planning and development
  • Transport infrastructure  management system
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Key performance indicators and targets
  • Transport Infrastructure Funding options and strategies
  • Transport system network vision
  • Transport System Management Framework
  • Transport planning strategies and investment prioritization
  • Capital and maintenance funding options and programs
  • Transport system principles and performance
  • Program maintenance or rehab options analysis
  • Transport Infrastructure Maintenance Practices
  • Asset Management System governance
  • Maintenance life cycle and international Asset Management Standard
  • intervention strategies
  • Balanced investments in cost-effective transport infrastructure
  • Integrated transport system governance
  • Key performance indicators
  • Benefits realization
Sheraton Hotel Ikeja Lagos Nigeria Jul 23 - 26 Jul, 2019
USD 2,250.00
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Dr. Francis okereke +2348035062583

A team of seasoned experts has organized for this all important event.
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