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Virtual Training on Aggressive Market Penetration Training: Battles for Market Share

By: Tom Associates Training  

Lagos State, Nigeria

12 - 16 Jul, 2021  5 days

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NGN 180,000

Venue: Online

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Venue Date Fee  
Online, Lagos State, Nigeria 08 - 12 Nov, 2021 NGN150500

A five-day sales and marketing training on intense and offensive market drive.  With speed, the sales and marketing persons must:

  • Generate awareness for the company’s products
  • Achieve visibility in trade and outlets – wholesalers and distributors, retailers
  • Maximize volume delivery and achieve company’s objectives fast
  • Grow market share for the brands.

Course Contents

Day One

Personal Selling Skills

  • Probing skills
  • Objections handling
  • How well you know the customer
  • Sales challenges and sales differentiators
  • Implementing the Sales Strategy
  • Planning the Market Prospecting
  • Develop the right objectives
  • Identify customers' real interests
  • Prioritize the customers
  • Developing the Major Accounts
  • Qualifying Customers - Criteria for Prioritizing
  • Potential size of account
  • History of patronage
  • Previous relationship on other platforms
  • Pressing need for product/service
  • Clear cost-benefit relationship - positive attitude
  • Financial soundness of the customer
  • Customer accessibility.

Day Two

Outlets Management

  • Territory Management
  • Territory delineation
  • Route planning
  • The Selling Process – Call Plans
  • Sales target for the period
  • Merchandising
  • Other objectives for the period
  • Adding new prospects and deleting “dogs”.
  • Relationship Management Competencies
  • Offer Analysis
  • Customer benefits
  • What’s special about you – the Appeal.

Day Three

Profitable Negotiation

  • Rules of Commercial Negotiation
  • No negotiation when selling is unsure
  • Increase level of customer needs first
  • Concession strategies.
  • Common Negotiation Tactics
  • Bogey
  • Good guy, Bad guy
  • Nibbling
  • Crunch.

Day Four


  • Checking the store rooms for stocks
  • Maximizing on-shelf availability and product visibility
  • Effective product placement.
  • “Brain Sell”
  • How the salespersons’ mental agility can increase so as to perform at the very best
  • How to bring high energy to bear for top performance
  • How the salespersons can identify their individual personal strengths and weaknesses and plan for self-development
  • How to analyze the motivations and priorities of key buying influences.

Day Five


  • Initiate more contacts and form strong relationships.
  • Qualify prospects by performing analysis on what, when, and under what conditions they will buy.
  • Effectively apply sales literature, promotions, tactics and offers for specific new transactions with individual prospects.
  • Influence sales outlets by building value and encourage them to believe in the company’s brands.
  • Effectively manage resistance from difficult prospects so as to make successful sales.

Note: Available as Classroom Training as Well as Online Training

Online Jul 12 - 16 Jul, 2021
Online, Lagos State, Nigeria 08 - 12 Nov, 2021

Registration: 09:00:am - 02:30:am

NGN 180,000.00(VAT Inclusive)
(Convert Currency)

Mr Abiodun Toki 08033019120

Discount of 5% to 3-4 participants from same organization. Discount of 10% to 5 or more participants from same organization.
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