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Training on Advanced Data Processing and Management Using Cspro

By: Datastat Research Center


29 Apr - 03 May, 2019  5 days

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USD 900

The Census and Survey Processing System, often abbreviated as CSPro, is a tool for data collection that allows the researcher to enter, edit, tabulate and disseminate data from censuses and surveys. Through of this course, the participants will learn the potential of the programs to streamline the creation of powerful and dynamic applications as well as various ways of automating data processing tasks, creating then Dependent Verification Designing CAPI apps in CSPro for Android, creating batch for message error, and creating advanced tables. Intermediate uses of the CSPro system will find this course most suitable

Learning Objectives

  • To learn how automate data processing tasks
  • To be ina position toreate CAPI applications in CSPro for Android
  • To gain knowledge on the creation of Dependent Verification
  • To understand the essentials of batch processing 
  • Course content

Day 1

  • Creating batch for message error
  • Consistency Check
  • Basic and Intermediate codes
  • Range Check
  • Creating batch for writing the data output
  • Basic and Intermediate codes
  • Impute Freq File
  • Input Data File
  • Listing File
  • Output File
  • Write File
  • Exercise 1

Day 2

  • Creating then-Dependent Verification
  • Force to accept the value
  • Data entry option
  • Verifying the mode
  • Creating then-Independent Verification
  • Any one file among two can be chosen to correct
  • Compare data with data dictionary and the two data inputs
  • Two data files come from different operators
  • Exercise 2

Day 3

  • Creating then Independent Verification (cont.)
  • Comparison method
  • Comparison order
  • Input file
  • Listing File
  • Referenced Files
  • Data Cleaning, Export Data and Practice
  • Additional Options
  • Choose Items
  • Create and Edit Logic
  • Export Format (SPSS and Stata)
  • Export Items or Subitems
  • Export Record Type
  • Number of Files Created
  • Output of Multiple Record Occurrences
  • Universe
  • Exercise 3

Day 4

  • Designing CAPI applications in CSPro for Android
  • Capturing and using GPS coordinates
  • Controlling the flow of CAPI applications
  • Creating control systems and menu for enumerators and supervisors
  • Designing multi-lingual CAPI applications
  • Responsive customization of responses, questions, and forms at runtime
  • Launching other Android applications to take pictures, view multimedia, and display maps
  • Managing data flow for CAPI surveys
  • Synchronization of program and data files between Android devices and Internet servers
  • Tracking enumerator progress and efficiency
Datastat Training Center, Nairobi, Kenya Apr 29 - 03 May, 2019
USD 900.00
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