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Training on Research Design, Mobile Data Collection and Mapping, Data Analysis Using NVIVO and STATA
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By: Uphilos Consultancy


09 - 20 Dec, 2019  12 days

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USD 1,800

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Developments in data science provide a tremendous opportunity to enhance decision-making.

It's crucial that these initiatives go beyond just producing brand new insights from information but additionally to systematically improve individual human judgment in actual development contexts.

How can businesses better handle the method of transforming the possibility of information science to genuine development outcomes? Just how can organizations go beyond just generating brand new insights to changing actions - not only of their employees but communities and beneficiary as well

It'll be performed using ODK, NVIVO and GIS SPSS

Course Objectives

Understand as well as appropriate use of statistical concepts and terms

  • Design and Implement universally appropriate Surveys
  • Convert information into different formats using appropriate software
  • Perform easy to complex data management tasks with SPSS
  • Correctly identify a right statistical test for fundamental analysis s and do them with SPSS
  • Write stories from survey data
  • Put techniques to enhance data need and use in decision making

Who Should Attend?

  • This's a basic program targeting participants with an elementary understanding of Statistics coming from Agriculture, Economics, Livelihoods, and Food Security, Nutrition, Education, Public or medical health experts among individuals that currently have a little statistical knowledge but want to be conversant with the principles and uses of statistical modeling.

Topics to Be Covered

  • Basic statistical terms and concepts
  • Research Design
  • Survey Planning, Implementation and Completion
  • Introduction
  • Survey Authoring
  • Preparing the mobile phone for data collection
  • Designing forms manually.  Using XLS Forms
  • Advanced survey Authoring
  • Hosting survey data (Online)
  • Hosting Survey Data (Configuring a local server)
  • GIS mapping of survey data using QGIS
  • Understanding Qualitative Research
  • Preliminaries of Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Introduction to NVIVO
  • NVIVO Projects
  • Nodes in NVIVO
  • lasses and summaries
  • Coding
  • Thematic Analytics in NVIVO
  • Queries using NVIVO
  • Building on the Analysis
  • Qualitative Analysis Results Interpretation
  • Visualizing NVIVO project
  • Triangulating results and Sources
  • Report Writing
  • Introduction to SPSS
  • Overview of SPSS
  • Entering Data
  • Graphing Data
  • Descriptive Statistics.  Measures of Variability and Central Tendency
  • Correlation
  • Regression and Multiple Regression
  • Comparing Means Using t-tests
  • Comparing Means Using One-Way ANOVA
  • Comparing Means Using Factorial ANOVA
  • Comparing Means Using Repeated Measures ANOVA
  • Chi-Square
  • Nonparametric Statistic.
  • Report writing for surveys, data dissemination, demand, and use
Nairobi, Kenya Dec 09 - 20 Dec, 2019
USD 1,800.00
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Jennifer +254706345988

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