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Food Security Policies Formulation and Implementation Course

By: Uphilos Consultancy


18 - 22 Nov, 2019  5 days

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USD 1,000

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Food security regulations are created to ensure the enhancement of food availability where almost all the citizens have access to food, and the food systems have a positive impact on their lives. The policies similarly affirm the determination for supporting substitute food systems that offer people with quality food, job, and sustainable environment.

​ Objectives

  • ​Comprehend the basic policies necessary for enhancing food security.
  • Realize the primary choices which accompany policies on food security.
  • Understand the job and features of the main players in food safety policy formulation and installation.
  • Define the goal of any evaluation and monitoring procedure for food safety policies and understand the tactics and strategies being used.
  • Describe the​ procedures currently being completed ​during FSP formulation along with implementation.


  • ​Background and introduction of food security policies
  • Basic ideas and terminologies
  • The necessity for policies on food security.
  • Features of food protection policies
  • Aims of food protection policies
  • Effects of policy interventions in deep meals security
  • Establishing a Food Security Framework
  • Typical approaches to developing food security policies
  • A conceptual framework for meals protection policies
  • Subjects of food protection policies
  • Policies with several effects on food security
  • Linkages to various other policies, strategies and programmes
  • Institutional Framework for Food Security Policies
  • Institutional setup plus coordination mechanism
  • Functions and Role of government institutions
  • Role of International and local NGOs
  • Role of Civil modern society Organizations (CSOs)
  • Role of Donor and UN Agencies
  • Policy Implementation and Formulation
  • Policy evaluation within the food industry
  • Initiation of the policy process
  • Policy Formulation
  • Policy Implementation
  • Policy Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Purpose of FSP keeping track of and evaluation
  • Monitoring and evaluation concepts
  • Approaches and methods
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Setting upwards an FSP monitoring as well as an evaluation system
  • Linking M and E and food security info to various other policy spheres
Nairobi, Kenya Nov 18 - 22 Nov, 2019
USD 1,000.00
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