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Authentic Leadership Training

By: LCL Coaches Consultants  

Lagos State, Nigeria

06 - 08 Sep, 2022  3 days

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NGN 125,000

Venue: Interactive Online Live / On-Site Live in Lagos

In today’s volatile and challenging business environment, effective business leadership is more important than ever. So, what makes good leaders? Is it their skills? Intelligence? Or is it the quality of their character? Authentic leaders create an organizational climate of commitment, knowledge-sharing, job satisfaction, greater work engagement, higher performance, and productivity. Moreover, in stakeholder reports, authentic leadership resulted in employees who feel inspired and passionate about the work of their organization. serves as the single strongest predictor of an employee's job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and workplace happiness.

Training Outline

Day One

  • Basics of Leadership
  • Definition
  • Traits theory of Leadership/Process
  • Factors of Leadership
  • Leader
  • Followers

Leadership Philosophy

  • Team Leadership Model
  • Path- Goal Theory
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Social Leadership
  • Authentic Leadership and Social Influence
  • The Seven Principles of thinking like a leader Leader

Authentic Leadership

  • What is authentic leadership?
  • Head, heart, hands, gut
  • five dimensions of Authentic Leaders
  • What are the indicators?
  • Behaviours of authentic leaders

Discovering your authentic leadership

  • Becoming more self-aware by embracing candid feedback from others
  • Clarifying and living your values, while establishing ethical boundaries
  • Understanding your motivations and capabilities, and finding the point where they align
  • Building your support team and finding leadership mentors
  • Integrating the different "buckets" of your life—family, community and friends, and career

Day Two

Displaying Authentic Leadership Behaviours

  • What Authentic Leadership is and What it can do
  • Building Confidence and Optimism
  • Practicing the Art of Possibility
  • Flexibility in Leadership Styles
  • Self-knowledge: The Key to Authentic Leadership
  • Courage in Organisational Settings

The Foundation of High-Performance Teams

  • How to measure the level of authenticity in any relationship
  • (draining – transactional – productive – synergistic)
  • Creating safety in interpersonal dynamics
  • Guidelines for authentic interactions
  • Identifying the causes of inauthentic, draining relationships, and the risks involved in creating Authentic Relationships
  • Taking responsibility
  • Embracing change

Creating a Mindset for Curiosity and Collaboration

  • Approaching interactions with curiosity vs. defensiveness
  • Efficient tools for data gathering and brainstorming
  • Effective methods for giving feedback
  • How to receive feedback, advice, or criticism to maximize learning
  • Choosing the right language and tone for any interaction
  • The art of asking the right questions at the right time

Day Three

Navigating Drama and Emotion

  • Identifying and disarming workplace “Drama” that drains team energy
  • All elements of dealing with emotion

Having Difficult Conversation

  • Understanding and practicing a proven model, applicable in all relationships, for surfacing and clearing issues between individuals
  • Dealing with untruth and the filters that inhibit candid communication
  • Conscious listening
  • How to clean up a lie

Commitments, Agreements, and Accountability

  • The language of commitments
  • Differentiating among ideas, requests, demands, and ultimatums
  • Creating clear, solid agreements with defined accountability
  • Cleanly addressing broken agreements
  • S.M.A.R.T. goal setting
  • Unconscious commitments; how to shift out of negative patterns

Appreciation and Celebration

  • Appreciating and inspiring team members
  • The role of celebration in the workplace
  • The leader’s role in creating an uplifting culture
Interactive Online Live / On-Site Live in Lagos Sep 06 - 08 Sep, 2022
NGN 125,000.00(Group Registration Discount Applies)
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Olusina Lajorin

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