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Training on Customer Care and Public Relations

By: Data-Afrique Consultants


19 - 23 Dec, 2022  5 days

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USD 2,990

Venue: Mombasa

The voice of the organization to the public, customer care representatives and public relations staff face an arduous task-from dealing with difficult customers, customers with peculiar interests, customers seeking information unrelated to the services the office offers, abusive customers, customers who use threats, overwork among others and organizations need to adopt a practice of continuous improvement of systems, processes and skills of this calibre of staff to ensure that all customers and stakeholders have the right public relations and customer care skills set. It is of paramount importance to identify different ways to deliver services to meet changing public, customer and stakeholders needs to be the organization of choice among those customers

This Customer Care and Public Relations Training will equip participants with specific tools, skills and techniques that are specific and proven to be effective in generating corporate or institutional success, tools which, when applied, yield improved individual performance, skills to generate real and high value leads, skills to navigate public relations and customer care dynamics to maximize opportunities for organization’s products and services.

Upon return to work, participants will demonstrate superior technical and professional communications, public relations and customer service skills always through the consistent provision of polite, helpful, memorable and inspiring experiences to organization clientele in the delivery of services and products.

Data-Afrique believes PR communications professionals have the responsibilities to lead their organizations on reputation management by enhancing the ability to work across disciplines, and understand how reputation is seen from the perspectives of management strategy, financial management, marketing strategy, and other disciplines that are the business backgrounds of most of the management team.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate adequate knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice underpinning strategic public relations and customer care
  • Understand and define Public Relation and the role of PR in customer care in the organizational development
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of on-line technology on the media, and design customer care management systems
  • Identify and establish links between excellence in customer service, business practices and polices
  • Demonstrate skills in resolving conflict and confrontation, identify a plan to apply and enhance communication skills in the workplace to address existing conflicts
  • Develop skills and practices that are essential elements to customer care focused services manager
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of public relations in the growth of an organization and as a competitive tool

Who Should Attend?

This course provides Public Relation and Customer Care Consultants, Client Care Managers, Frontline Managers, Administrator and Staff dealing with the Public training to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively manage the public space, communication and turn around potentially negative performance situations in the workplace, in practical, assertive and constructive manner.

Course Content

Module 1 Introduction to Public Relations and Customer Service

  • What are Public Relations?
  • The Public Relations Environment
  • Nature and Scope of Public Relations
  • Elements of Public Relations
  • Scope of Public Relations Practice
  • Role of Public Relations
  • Benefits of Public Relations
  • What Is Customer Service?
  • Developing a Customer-Centric Mindset
  • Who Are Your Customers?
  • The Need for Customer Service
  • Developing a Customer Friendly Attitude

Module 2 Tools for Public Relations and customer Service: Communication Skills

  • Tools Used for Public Relations
  • Differences and Similarities in Public Relations, Advertising and Publicity
  • Objectives of Public Relations, Advertising and Publicity
  • Publication
  • Public Opinion Research
  • Developing Effective Communication Skills
  • Presenting a Professional Image
  • Non-verbal Communication Skills
  • Body Language
  • Key Body Language Aspects
  • Physical Distance
  • Verbal Communication Skills
  • The Choice of Words (May I, Please, Thank You)

Module 3 Public Relations Process and Customer Analysis: Knowing your Customer

  • What is Public Relations Process?
  • External Environment
  • Macro Environment
  • Internal Environment
  • Public Relations Roles
  • Public Relations Tasks
  • Customer Expectations
  • Assertive Working Style – Results-Oriented
  • Analytical – Details-Oriented
  • Amiable – People-Oriented
  • Dominant Behavioral Style
  • Determining Your Level of Service

Module 4 Public Relations and Communication and Calming Upset Customers

  • Planning in Public Relations
  • Scope of Public Relations Planning
  • Approaches to the Planning Process
  • What Makes Customers Upset?
  • Avoiding Upsets
  • 5 Key Steps to Calming Upset customers
  • Accurately identify the problem.
  • Confirm the Customer’s Value

Module 5 Corporate Public Relations and Telephone Customer Service

  • What is Corporate Public Relations?
  • Corporate Organizational Structure
  • Human Resource Development
  • Corporate Planning
  • Corporate Media Relations
  • Mastering the Telephone
  • Answering the Telephone
  • A Professional Greeting
  • Active Listening
  • Putting Callers on Hold
  • Recommendations
  • Transferring a Call
  • Taking a Message
  • Voice Mail
  • Closing the Call

Module 6 Production of Public Relations Materials and Internet Customer Skills

  • PR Communication and PR Material
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Advantages and Limitations of Printed Material
  • Requirements of Corporate Publications
  • The Internet Customer
  • E-mail Communication Guidelines
  • Online Chat
  • Internet Customer Skills
  • Scripted Responses
  • Websites
  • Customer Online Support

Module 7 Media Relations and Time Management Strategies

  • Media Classifications


  • Media Relations
  • Opinion Writing and Public Relations
  • Evoking and Monitoring Media Response
  • Crisis Management
  • Classifications of Media
  • Time Management
  • Time Analysis: Task Identification
  • Task Analysis
  • Stress Management

General Notes

This course is delivered by our seasoned trainers who have vast experience as expert professionals in the respective fields of practice. The course is taught through a mix of practical activities, theory, group works and case studies.

Training manuals and additional reference materials are provided to the participants.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be issued with a certificate.

We can also do this as tailor-made course to meet organization-wide needs. Contact us to find out more.

Mombasa Dec 19 - 23 Dec, 2022
USD 2,990.00
USD 1,000.00
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DUNCAN KARIUKI +254723360025

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