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Accelerating the Senior Sales Managers Productivity Course

By: Tom Associates Training  

Lagos State, Nigeria

13 - 17 Jul, 2020  5 days

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NGN 180,000

Venue: 5/7, Alade Lawal Street, Opposite Anthony Police Station, Idi-Iroko, Anthony Village, Lagos - Nigeria.

The training we propose to you here will attain the following for your top and senior sales managers who don't merely do selling, but manage sales executives and sales territories.

Business Skills and Management

It is an intensive training that can raise the proficiency levels of their business and management skills as are desirable for profitable sales management in Grand Oak Limited.

Creating More Customers

After the training, you will find that the senior managers and the sales executives they manage will be creating more customers, attending to more demands and managing the staff on the field more effectively.

Performing for Profit

To keep an eye on performance, we will train the managers to rekindle their interest and the interest of all the sales executives in their control to focus on performing for profit. For this purpose we will concentrate our training to make your senior sales managers:

  • Know how to agree meaningful standards of performance
  • Formulate a control system to measure their standards
  • Understand the techniques of sales forecasting
  • Keep their eyes on factors that influence profit
  • Motivate the sales executives they supervise to keep to targets
  • Know how to improve the use of the time they allocate to different brands and the key areas of their territories.

A Test of the Senior Sales Managers Competencies

We will start the course with a questionnaire which each class member will complete. The information will turn out to be of valuable interest on the managers’ competencies before the course fully commences, especially for the critical ones like:

  • Team leadership
  • Customer focus
  • Relationship management
  • Administrative management
  • Marketing management
  • Time management
  • Managing meetings
  • Oral and written communications.
  • The analysis will also guide the structure of our own training.

Course Contents

Day One

Productivity Competence

  • Personal traits:
    • External focus
    • Internal responsibility
    • Controls - self and others
  • Success aspirations
  • Mastering cost-value balance
  • Focusing on metrics that matter
  • Sales force development.

Market Intelligence

  • Competitor launches
  • Price changes
  • Promotional activities
  • New marketing initiatives.

Day Two

  • Commercial Knowledge
  • Revenue Generation
  • Focus on what makes the business Money
  • Cash sales and company cash flow
  • Pricing power
  • Margin and profit
  • Financial Cause-and-Effect of a Sale
  • Credit policies
  • Discount structure
  • Efficient invoicing 
  • Implications of Fixed Costs
  • Rents and rates
  • Administrative costs
  • Salaries.
  • Implications of Variable Costs
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Discounts
  • Commissions
  • Advertising Spend
  • Sales Promotion
  • Earning Profits
  • Limiting Costs
  • Gross Margin
  • Trade Margins For Channel Partners
  • Profit Margin
  • Field Competitive Challenges
    • price competition
    • non price competition
  • Business growth
  • Social Media Marketing

Day Three

The Battles for Channels Control

  • Evaluation of channel alternatives
  • Wholesalers/Distributors/Dealers
  • Retailers
  • Distribution Metrics
  • Distribution gains
  • Average stock volume/value
  • Stocks cover in days
  • Stock-out frequency
  • Battles for shelf space
  • Battles for credibility
  • In-shop promotions
  • Channel Retention
  • Channel relationships and responsibilities
  • Financial bonding
  • Customisation bonding
  • Structural bonding
  • Customer service
  • Merchandising
  • Merchandising at retail, wholesale and distribution points
  • Careful handling of stocks
  • Outlet merchandising
  • Stock arrangement and sequencing
  • Monitoring
  • Promoters and key salesmen
  • Monitoring financial health of distributors
  • Updating wholesalers and retailers list.

Day Four

  • Team Lead Core Competencies
  • Sales Management: Key Tasks
  • What Results the Company Expects:
  • qualitative results
  • quantitative results
  • Management Style
  • Influencing Skills
  • Problem solving
  • Generating options
  • Controlling the sales team
  • Field coaching and counseling
  • Field report writing
  • Business Development Priorities
  • Setting targets for field sales people
  • Field work, coaching and counseling
  • Territory development and management
  • Organizing sales meeting and conference.

Day Five

  • The Negotiation Process
  • Negotiating Strategies and Tactics
  • Negotiating Styles Analysis
  • How to Set Negotiation Targets for Positive Outcome
  • Types of Negotiating Powers and their Uses
  • How to Give Concessions Without Losing Out.
5/7, Alade Lawal Street, Opposite Anthony Police Station, Idi-Iroko, Anthony Village, Lagos - Nigeria. Jul 13 - 17 Jul, 2020

Registration: 08:00:am - 08:30:am

Class Session: 09:30:am - 04:00:am

NGN 180,000.00(VAT Inclusive)
(Convert Currency)

Mr Abiodun Toki 08033019120

3 – 4 Candidates: 5%; 5 or more Candidates: 10%.
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