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Events Management and Protocol Training

By: Afriex Training


07 - 18 Dec, 2020  12 days

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USD 2,000

Venue: Afriex Training Centre, Nairobi

Organizations need to equip staff with skills in protocol, etiquette and events management This investment will build solid and productive relationships with business associates and will result in better outcomes for the organization This course has been designed as two interrelated modules that will benefit participants by exploring the links between protocol and events management Case studies and experiential learning will be employed as a training methodology to ensure that participants learn by doing and gain mastery in this field

Target Audience

This training is beneficial to protocol officers, Public relations personnel, Event Planners, managers and coordinators, Administrative personnel responsible for coordination of events and staff involved in Protocol and handling. IPS and Diplomats


At the end of the training, the participants will be able to:

  • Schedule and plan for an event effectively
  • Identify the various tasks in management of events and the human and physical resources required to stage successful events
  • Troubleshoot event plans to identify potential problem areas before they emerge
  • Enhance protocol and etiquette skills in handling dignitaries and IPS;
  • Acquire skills to navigate today's culturally diverse business environment
  • Understand events budgeting and costs management
  • Identify appropriate event marketing media for planned events
  • Understand event safety practices and regulations
  • Ensure adoption of effective communication channels and techniques in events

Course Outline


  Protocol procedures;

  • Introductions, titles and forms of address;
  • Proper order of precedence;
  • Business and social etiquette;
  • Dress and grooming;
  • Dining and table manners;
  • Etiquette in giving and receiving gifts;
  • IP visits, itineraries, overseas travel and entertainment;
  • Handling cultural differences;

Event Management

  • Event planning, coordinating, management and logistics;
  • Pre and post event meetings;
  •  Event budgets;
  • Event promotion and fundraising;
  • Negotiation with event vendors;
  • Guest safety and security;
  •   Technology in events;
  • Event crisis management


This course is delivered by our seasoned trainers who have vast experience as expert professionals in the respective fields of practice the course is taught through a mix of theory, group works, discussions and case studies

Training manuals and additional reference materials are provided to the participants

Afriex Training Centre, Nairobi Dec 07 - 18 Dec, 2020

Registration: 08:00:am - 11:00:am

USD 2,000.00 + 100.00 (VAT)
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Eliud Mathu 0715310685

Afriex Training Ltd, Nairobi
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