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Strategies and Tactics for Selling to Key Decision Makers and Wining Complex Deals Course

By: McTimothy Associates Consulting LLC  

Lagos State, Nigeria

28 - 30 Jun, 2021  3 days

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NGN 120,000

Venue: The Professional Place: 12b, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase 2, Lagos.

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The Professional Place: 12b, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase 2, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria 25 - 27 Nov, 2021 NGN120000

Individuals in C-Level positions have their own unique style of processing information and making buying decisions.  Compared to the V-Suite, this upper echelon of executives has broader visions, sharper focus, are less accessible, and have less time to spend in sales conversations.

Your sales approach and communication style must mirror these attributes to win business through selling to executives and to be a long-term trusted advisor.

In this course, McTimothy Associates’ Selling to Executives and C-Suite Training module helps sales professionals build relationships with and sell more effectively to senior decision makers.  We train participants to think more analytically about the characteristics of senior executives, then work to align their own communication and sales styles accordingly.  As a key tool, participants learn a six-phase process for orchestrating the executive meeting or presentation and practice applying the process in scenarios geared towards the opportunity of selling to the C-Suite.

Course Objectives

  • Build sales effectiveness by applying a six-phase process to winning business at the highest levels in an organization
  • Increase your credibility, influence, and need-based communication skills with senior executives
  • Increase effectiveness of presentation materials by better understanding how economic buyers prefer to receive information
  • Leverage the skills used at selling in the C-Suite to conduct more effective internal meetings with senior management in your own organization

Target Audience

Training module content is highly customized to any level, from newer to experienced salespeople and their managers.

Delivery Options

Classroom training delivery consisting of lectures and roleplay. It is also available as an add-on module to all core training programs or sales retreats.

Course outlines

Engaging Customers at the Executive Level

  • Why do we need to access the executive level?
  • The challenge of selling to the executive level
  • The role executives play in the buying process
  • The “bottom up” vs. “top down” buying process
  • How, when, and why to engage at the executive level Sales Tool: Executive Buying Roles Assessment

Speaking the Language of the Senior Executive

  • Understanding the world of the senior-level executive
  • Executive-level roles and responsibilities
  • Linking your solutions to executive-level goals
  • Developing your business acumen and vocabulary
  • Becoming conversant in the language of business

Sales Tool: Executive Language Worksheet

  • Linking Your Solutions to Executive-Level Goals
  • The three key objectives of every for-profit company
  • How executives develop objectives and initiatives
  • Tying your solutions to executive-level initiatives
  • Crafting executive-level business solutions
  • Translating value across the enterprise
  • Sales Tool: Business Value Hierarchy Worksheet

Preparing to Engage at the Executive Level

  • Understanding your customer’s business
  • Conducting meaningful company research
  • Compiling useful executive research
  • Establishing your executive-level account strategy
  • Defining your executive value hypothesis
  • Sales Tool: Executive Value Hypothesis Worksheet

Earning Access to the Executive Level

  • 6 major strategies to access the executive level
  • Understanding and leveraging gatekeepers
  • Leveraging your own executive management team
  • Executive-level networking and referrals
  • Leveraging peer-to-peer executive introductions Sales Tool: Executive Access Plan

Approaching the Executive Level Directly

  • Establishing an executive approach process
  • Defining specific executive approach plans
  • Using a multi-pronged approach pattern
  • Earning the initial executive-level conversation
  • Turning executive conversations into opportunities
  • Sales Tool: Executive Level Approach Plan

Conducting Effective Executive-Level Meetings

  • Preparing for your VP or C-Level meeting
  • Objectives of your first executive-level meeting
  • Facilitating executive-level conversations
  • Crafting effective diagnostic questions
  • Diagnostic questioning at the executive level
  • Obtaining Executive-Level Sponsorship
  • Establishing a shared definition of “success”
  • Positioning and proposing your solution
  • Demonstrating the “linkage” between your solutions and executive-level business goals and initiatives
  • Obtaining executive-level sponsorship

Reading and Leveraging Financial Statements

  • Understanding business performance metrics
  • The Profit and Loss Statement (P and L)
  • The Balance Sheet
  • The Statement of Cash Flows
  • How to leverage financial statements in selling Sales Tool: Financial Statement Analysis Worksheet
  • Developing an Executive-Level Business Case
  • Demystifying return on investment
  • Ways that return on investment can be calculated
  • Developing return on investment projections
  • Constructing an ROI analysis and business case
  • Leveraging your business case at the executive level Sales Tool: Executive Business Case Template

Presenting to the Executive Level

  • The time and place for an executive presentation
  • The goals of an executive-level presentation
  • The structure of an effective executive presentation
  • Creating alignment and gaining commitment
  • Leveraging the Executive Presentation Template Sales Tool: Executive Presentation Template

Closing Business at the Executive Level

  • Staying engaged at the executive level
  • Keeping the executive involved in the process
  • Developing momentum in the buying process
  • Trouble-shooting the buying process
  • Using the Customer Results Plan at the executive level
The Professional Place: 12b, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase 2, Lagos. Jun 28 - 30 Jun, 2021
The Professional Place: 12b, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase 2, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria 25 - 27 Nov, 2021

Registration: 10:00:am - 04:00:am

NGN 120,000.00
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Blessing Aguta 07034854045, 09080022449

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