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IFRS Fundamental Training

By: Francis Consulting

Abuja FCT, Nigeria

13 - 16 Jun, 2022  4 days

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NGN 245,000

Venue: Glamour Park Hotel , No 8 Anthony Enahoro Street off Ngozi Okonjo Iweala Street Utako Abuja.

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) refers to series of accounting pronouncements published by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to help preparers of financial statements throughout the world, produce and present high quality, transparent and comparable financial information.

Training covers: Overview of IFRS, the framework, carefully selected areas of IAS 1-41 and IFRS 1-13 dealing with core elements of the financial statement, contemporary issues to conversion, IFRS/SAS compared and exposure to real life IFRS financials.

The workshop will equip participants with the necessary skill for preparation of first-class annual accounts and financial Reports in line with the IFRS both the public and private sector.

We assure that the participants will benefit by enriching their knowledge and sharpening their skills in the different areas that will be addressed. They will be equipped with adequate skill and knowledge required to meet the ever-increasing challenges in the workplace. There is no doubt that this course will be of immense benefit to your organization if you give your workers the opportunity to participate.


Overview of IFRS

  • Framework for the preparation and presentation of financial statements
  • -Highlight of differences with Nigerian
  • GAAP (SAS)
  • -IFRS Roadmap in Nigeria
  • -Scope and concepts
  • The nature and operations of the IASB
  • Structure of the IFRS/IASB
  • Extant standards of the IASB
  • The use of IFRS around the world
  • The IASB roadmap
  • The annual IASB bound volume and its use.
  • Presentation and profit
  • -IAS 1, Presentation of financial statements
    • IAS 7, Statement of cash flows
  • -IAS 18, Revenue
  • IAS 8, Accounting policies, changes in
  • accounting estimates and errors

Asset recognition and measurement

  • -IAS 16, Property, plant and equipment
  • -IAS 38, Intangible assets
  • -IAS 40, Investment Property
  • -IAS 36, Impairment of assets
  • -IAS 23, Borrowing costs
  • -IAS 20, Accounting for government grants
  • and disclosure of government assistance
  • -IAS 2, Inventories
  • -IAS11, Construction contracts
  • IAS 41, Agriculture
  • -IFRS 7, Financial instruments: disclosures
  • -IFRS 6, Exploration for and evaluation of mineral resources
  • -IFRS 5, Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations.
  • Asset recognition and measurement-Contd.
  • -IAS 17, Leases
  • -IAS 32, Financial instruments -


  • -IAS 39, Financial instruments - recognition
  • and measurement
  • -IFRS 9, Financial instruments

  Group accounting

  • IAS 27, Consolidated financial statements
  • and accounting for investment in subsidiaries
  • IFRS 3, Business Combinations
  • IAS 28, Accounting for investments in associates
  • IAS 31, Joint ventures
  • IAS 21, The effects of changes in foreign
  • exchange rates
  • IAS 29, Financial reporting in hyperinflationary economies `

Accounting for liabilities

  • -IFRS 2, Share-based payment
  • -IAS 37, Provisions, contingent liabilities and
  • contingent assets
  • -IAS 10, Events after the reporting period
  • -IAS 19, Employee benefits
  • -IAS 12, Income taxes.

Disclosure standards

  • IAS 24, Related party disclosures
  • IAS 33, Earnings per share
  • IAS 34, Interim financial reporting
  • IFRS 4, Insurance contracts
  • IFRS 8, Operating segments.
  • IFRS 1, First time adoption of IFRS
    • IFRS 10, IFRS 11, IFRS 12 and IFRS 13.   
    • Tax implications of IFRS
  • § Latest updates and interpretations
  • § Internal Audit(or)’s role in a successful IFRS conversion
Glamour Park Hotel , No 8 Anthony Enahoro Street off Ngozi Okonjo Iweala Street Utako Abuja. Jun 13 - 16 Jun, 2022
NGN 245,000.00
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Dr. Francis Okereke 08035062583