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Mastering Managerial Competencies at the Work Place Training

By: Tom Associates Training  

Lagos State, Nigeria

01 - 03 Jun, 2022  3 days

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NGN 155,000

Venue: 5/7, Alade Lawal Street, Opposite Anthony Police Station, Idi-iroko Bus-Stop, Ikorodu Road, Anthony Village - Lagos, Nigeria

At the end of the programme, participants will be to:

  • Understand their roles within the changes that do affect business
  • Be clear of the management styles that can affect your success
    • Develop the right competencies in the work environment.
    • Maintain necessary discipline at work
  • Know how your career can grow.
  • Priority Matrix couple with feedback procedures


Course Content


  • What Management is, What Process is.
  • Who is a manager?
    • ​First Line Skills
    • Middle Line Skills
    • Top Line Skills    
  • Managerial roles
    • Interpersonal
    • Informational
    • Decisional
  • Managerial Functions
    • Technical
    • Human
    • Management
    • Conceptual
  • The challenges facing the 21st century manager
  • Understanding change – getting outdated things out
  • Managerial competencies and proficiency assessments.



  • Determining the Vision, Mission and Positioning of a business
  • Delivering Results
    • Use performance measurement to assess the effectiveness of leading others
    • Lead teams in terms of their major contributions and how they fit into the larger organisation picture. Team bonding
    • Mutually identify priorities, necessary skills and guidelines
    • Set milestones for progress review.
  • Techniques of Time Management
    • Managing Self for Effective Time Use
    • Personal effectiveness – the 80:20 rule
    • Stressors in Stress Management
  • Competencies of Tomorrow’s Managers
    • Team Leaders
    • Internal Consultants
    • Great Communicator
    • Team player
    • Technology master
    • Problem solver
    • Ambassador
    • Change maker
  • Procurement Management
    • Overview of Procurement



  • Common Causes of Conflicts at Work
  • Signs of Conflicts
  • Common Conflict Triggers
  • Different Forms of Conflict
    • Perception conflict
    • Personality conflict 
  • Beliefs and Attitudes
  • Interrelationship of Assertive and Cooperative Behaviours
  • Managing Differences
    • Younger bosses managing older workers
    • Benefits of generation gaps
    • Breaking down the stereotypes
    • Treating each other as a peer
    • How to learn from each other
  • Resolution of Conflicts – Conflict Management Styles
    • Collaborate
    • Compromise
    • Defeat
    • Accommodate
    • Withdraw.
5/7, Alade Lawal Street, Opposite Anthony Police Station, Idi-iroko Bus-Stop, Ikorodu Road, Anthony Village - Lagos, Nigeria Jun 01 - 03 Jun, 2022

Registration: 08:30:am - 03:30:am

NGN 155,000.00(VAT Inclusive)
(Convert Currency)

Tolu Jegede 08178591654

Discount of 5% to 3-4 Participants from Same Organization. Discount of 10% to 5 or More participants from Same Organization.

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