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Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Energy Projects

By: The London Energy Training Centre

United Arab Emirates

21 - 25 Jun, 2021  5 days

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USD 4,950

Venue: London

Other Dates

Venue Date Fee  
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 06 - 10 Sep, 2021 USD4950

Projects take on many shapes and sizes, but few are as large, complex, and demanding as those in the energy sector. As a result, energy projects need to be thoroughly planned, carefully monitored, and accurately evaluated to be successfully delivered. No two projects are identical, but all projects share a common ingredient for success and that is, thorough planning.

The key to good project planning in the energy sector is the need to recognize that these types of project are highly dynamic. In other words, they are constantly subject to change and, as such, the techniques used to monitor and evaluate them needs to accurately reflect their true progress and problems. Without this, controlling and delivering energy projects successfully will be a challenge of enormous proportions.

This training course will highlight:

  • Understanding why energy projects are more demanding than most other projects.
  • Why project strategizing is essential to good project planning.
  • Developing clear and concise plans utilizing proven project management methods
  • Knowing which key performance indicators are essential to energy projects.
  • How to apply effective management of change methods
  • How to identify and control risks in energy projects


By the end of this training course, participants will have learned how to:

  • Define the fundamental components of a good project plan.
  • Establish a robust framework for project implementation and control.
  • Develop project budgets and schedules that can be accurately monitored and evaluated.
  • Evaluate key performance indicators through earned value management.
  • Recognize energy project risks and know how to manage them.

Training Methodology

This training seminar will incorporate both theory and skill training components, applying hands-on exercises, facilitation of group discussions, practical case studies and real-life examples.

London Jun 21 - 25 Jun, 2021
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 06 - 10 Sep, 2021
USD 4,950.00(5% VAT Inclusive)
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Naser M Badi +97125505340

Discount available for group booking

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