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Teamwork Management Training

By: Remoik Nigeria Limited

Lagos State, Nigeria

23 - 24 Jun, 2021  2 day

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NGN 120,000

Venue: Kristina Jade Learning center, 70B Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony, Lagos Nigeria

What do the great teams do that the others fail to do? How do team leaders build their teams to be great and ensure that their teams are collaborative, self-reliant, motivated and productive?

This highly-interactive Building Skills for Working In Teams training will help you understand how teams can achieve much more than either the team leader or the team members dreamt possible. It will help team leaders and supervisors learn skills and techniques that enable them to feel more in control of their team while at the same time applying techniques that helps team members release their talents, energy and potential.

This training will examine the latest ways to motivate and manage teams for improved productivity and morale and help turn average team leaders into one’s that others in the organization will aspire to join.

This training will highlight:

  • Understanding your own style, work habits and motivations and how these influence your ability to get the best from leading and working with the team
  • Building team purpose, culture and expected behavioral norms
  • Building an energized team that respects strengths, differences and work-style preferences
  • Developing a culture of team communication, feedback and early conflict resolution
  • Taking the team to new possibilities via creativity and collaborative working techniques further.


By the end of this training, you will have learned to:

  • Identify individual work styles differences and how to use them to develop your team
  • Apply the modern principles of time and activity management and manage self and team by them
  • Draw-up a comprehensive Team Purpose Analysis and objective set for the team’s foundation
  • Use creative techniques to push the boundaries of team problem-solving and decision-making
  • Apply modern motivation techniques to get the best out of team members
  • Use communication techniques that help minimize “noise in the team system”
  • Influence team members to embrace change and use it as a powerful, positive force

Course Outline

Starting From Within – You, The Team Leader

  • Know Yourself as a Team Leader - your strengths and style preferences
  • Examine and Challenge Your Personal Belief System
  • Set Personal Goals To Guide Team Outputs
  • Manage Your Time and Activities
  • The Power of Role Modeling

Establishing Team Environment, Membership and Roles

  • Learn From What High Performing Teams Do
  • Conduct a Team Purpose Analysis        
  • Map Your Stakeholders
  • Building an Energetic Team Environment
  • Identify Critical Team Roles
  • Identify Effective Team Behaviors
  • Learn How Teams Develop

Building Outstanding Team Productivity, Progress and Learning

  • Deploy Motivation Theories in Team Management
  • Get Things Done – How to Influence Stakeholders
  • Influence and Motivate Different Social Style Preferences
  • Help The Team Cope with Change and Develop Resilience
  • Incorporate Systems Thinking for Continuous Team Improvement
  • Use Team After Action Reviews for Continuous Improvement
  • Celebrate Great Team Performance

Building Frictionless Team Communications

  • Understand How Communication Works – and Doesn’t Work
  • Identify and Overcome Barriers to Communication
  • Fine-Tune Your Communications - The Process of Listening
  • Fine-Tune Your Communications - Asking Questions
  • Develop Positive Learning in Teams - Appreciative Inquiry
  • Give Feedback that Improves Performance    
  • Manage Meetings Efficiently and Effectively

Dealing with Team Conflicts and Using Them to Improve Team Performance

  • Identify and Avoid Ineffective Team Dynamics
  • Understand and Deal with Dysfunctional Behavior
  • How to Manage Conflict – Ground Rules for Effective Conflict Resolution

Creativity for Team Problem Solving and Learning

  • Overcome Blocks to Creativity
  • Adopt a Process for Creativity and Decision-Making
Kristina Jade Learning center, 70B Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony, Lagos Nigeria Jun 23 - 24 Jun, 2021

Registration: 09:55:am - 06:00:am

Class Session: 10:00:am - 04:00:am

NGN 120,000.00
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Remoik 08066559530

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