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Strategic Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection
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By: Reenel Associates

Lagos State, Nigeria

06 - 28 Sep, 2021  23 days

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NGN 200,000

Venue: Lagos/Abuja/KD/PH

Pressure on recruitment and selection units in organizations seems to be constant if not increasing with time. More is required with less. More effective and new recruitment channels have become a necessity now that branding techniques and use of technology is no longer a choice. The diversification of commonly used used selection methodologies has become more essential to improve the reliability of selection decisions and improve the quality of hires. Moreover, performance measures and KPIs have become standard in measuring the reliability and effectiveness of recruitment and selection within organizations.

This course is designed, and constantly amended, to explore these topics. It is designed from an operational and cultural perspective and is expected to enable participants to build a holistic approach towards their activities and introduce system changes.

Course Methodology

The course is divided into three equal parts covering recruitment, interviewing and selection. Each part explores the trends and best practices associated with the topic in such a way that participants will be able to reflect on, and benchmark, their company's practices. Moreover, almost half of the course will be dedicated to skill building exercises such as role plays, video presentations, trends reports and scenario interviews. The course activities are carefully crafted to ensure the transfer of knowledge to skills.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and execute a professional recruitment campaign by using job profiles to attract the right quantity and quality of job candidates
  • Apply the right measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment efforts
  • Explain the various methods for assessing candidates and the validity and reliability of each
  • Create fairness and objectivity by utilizing standards and best practices throughout the various recruitment, interviewing and selection stages
  • Use the data collected from the recruitment and assessment stages to produce meaningful interview reports

NOTE : This course  holds as a 3 day, 5 day and 10 days training

Lagos/Abuja/KD/PH Sep 06 - 28 Sep, 2021
NGN 200,000.00(for 3 days)
NGN 295,000.00(for 5 days)
NGN 390,000.00(for 10 days)
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Reenel Associates Facilitator

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