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Storytelling and Visualization

By: EuroMaTech Training and Management Consultancy

United Arab Emirates

06 - 08 Nov, 2022  3 days

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USD 1,800

Venue: Live - Online

This highly participative online training course will help the delegates apprehend the concepts of Data visualization as a critical part of business communication today. As data is becoming readily available for everyone it becomes an essential step stone to define informed decisions. This requires understanding and relating to the meaning of data at a basically single glance.  

Visualizations often resolve multiple issues as they appear as easy and well-prepared solution because skilled developers perform their hard work behind the scenes. Business intelligence and Business analytics have only the option to communicate as effectively with visualizations as possible. 

The tidal wave of data has made data visualization a core competency for organizations as insights can no longer be derived from raw, or even a sorted data. Analytics start and end with the story derived from the data, therefore storytelling skills are essential for understanding and gaining value from the data. Storytelling involves in the following order: understanding the message and the audience itself, developing the right visuals to deliver insights.

Participants attending the Storytelling & visualization online training course will develop the following competencies: 

  • Knowledge of what is the data Visualization and what it is used for?
  • Ability to successfully visualize the data,
  • Empowerment to tell the story trough data visualization,
  • Technical knowledge of visualization techniques,
  • Sense to avoid common misperceptions of data visualization,
  • Understanding on how to apply visualization in their industry.
Program Objectives

This Storytelling & visualization EuroMaTech online training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:  

  • Proper way to select the story for your visual presentation,
  • Understand the power of the visualization for decision making
  • Identify the audience expectations as guideline for your visual presentation
  • Acquire the knowledge to use visual presentation tools
  • Understand all of the stories hidden in the data
  • Effectively present the story you see in the data to the audience
Who should attend?

The online training course has been designed for any professionals within marketing, production, business analytics etc. As most of the people are now required to present their work basically any professional can attend this course.

This online course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:  

  • Consultants
  • Marketing managers,
  • Operation Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Financial Managers
  • Data Analysis
  • Urban planners
  • Transport and traffic engineers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Risk managers
  • Plant managers
  • Production planners
  • Business analytics leaders and managers
  • Anyone who uses data to develop charts and graphs for communication
  • All who create data visualizations for others
  • All who view data visualizations created by others
Live - Online Nov 06 - 08 Nov, 2022
USD 1,800.00(Virtual)
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