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IFRS 9: Advanced Financial Instrument

By: GODP Consulting

Lagos State, Nigeria

27 - 28 Sep, 2022  2 day

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NGN 120,000

Venue: Lagos, Nigeria

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A lot of subject matter experts expect the adoption of IFRS 9 to be challenging; hence, the need to get the right skills to efficiently apply the standard seamlessly. The three major domains to be considered while implementing IFRS 9 include measurement, impairment, and hedge accounting:

  • Classification and Measurement
    • Classification under IFRS 9 for investments in debt instruments is driven by the entity’s business model and their contractual cash flow characteristics.
    • A financial asset is measured at amortized cost if both of the following criteria are met:
      • The asset is held to collect its contractual cash flows; and
      • The asset’s contractual cash flows represent ‘solely payments of principal and interest’ (‘SPPI’)
  • Impairment
    • Based on Expected Loss Model
  • Hedge Accounting
    • New Hedge Accounting Guidelines

Training Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of the requirements of IFRS 9 in relation to initial recognition, classification, and measurement of financial instruments
  • Identify the key difference between the incurred loss model and the expected loss model
  • Understand the calculation of impairment using the Expected Credit Loss (ECL) Model
  • Understand the impact of ECL
  • Develop competencies in Credit Risk Modeling and apply the same to my company
  • Develop competencies to apply the guidance of IFRS 9


  • Instructor guided presentation
  • Case studies
  • Discussion session
  • Scenario and Case study sessions

What to Expect

  • Expert facilitation
  • Souvenirs (classroom option)
  • Tea break and Lunch (classroom option)
  • Discussion session
  • Practical Examples
  • Certificate

Course Outline

  • Introduction and Scope of IFRS 9
  • Initial Recognition
  • Classification and measurements
    • Classification of financial assets and financial liabilities
    • Derivatives
    • Embedded derivatives
    • Reclassification of financial assets
    • Measurement of financial assets and financial liabilities
      • Valuation of financial assets:
        • Quoted securities:
          • Bonds, Bills etc.
          • Equities
        • Unquoted securities
          • Investments in unquoted shares:
            • Using DCF technique
            • Using NA technique
            • Using DNA technique
  • Derecognition:
    • Financial assets
      • Derecognition
      • Write-off
      • Transfers that qualify for derecognition
      • Transfers that do not qualify for derecognition
      • Continuing involvement in transferred assets
      • Continuing involvementF in only a part of transferred assets
      • Modification of contractual cash flows
    • Financial liabilities
      • Derecognition
      • Extinguishment accounting
      • Partial extinguishment accounting
  • Impairments:
    • Scope of the impairment requirements
    • Overview of the impairment requirements
    • Determining significant increases in credit risk
  • Financial Instruments Disclosure
Lagos, Nigeria Sep 27 - 28 Sep, 2022
NGN 120,000.00(Classroom)
NGN 90,000.00(Online)
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Queen Ibrahim 09160775350

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