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Industrial Boiler Training

By: Angelus Consulting and Research Limited  

Lagos State, Nigeria

23 - 26 Aug, 2022  4 days

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NGN 212,000

Venue: 70b Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos State.

At the end of the Industrial Boiler Training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of Boiler Plants and their applications
  • Comprehend the derivation, calculation and application of reliability centered maintenance to Boiler Plants
  • Measure the effectiveness and efficiency of Boiler Plant Maintenance functions
  • Evaluate investment opportunities in maintenance engineering vis-a-vis Boiler Plants
  • Construct Boiler Plant availability and reliability based on production planning models
  • Construct cost-benefit analysis of Boiler maintenance activities with respect to production high level timing goals
  • Have a good overview of uncertainty and risk in the maintenance Boiler Plants

Course Contents

  • Combustion Process and Heat Transfer Fundamentals
  • Basics of Thermodynamics · Heat Transfer and Combustion
  • Introduction to Steam Boilers · Latent Heat and Sensible Heat
  • Steam Properties · Purity of Steam U$D Equivalent for foreign Participants
  • Mass and Energy Balance · Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
  • Combustion Fundamentals
  • Excess Air and Flue Gases Relation
  • Boiler Types and Operational Overview
  • Classifications of Steam Boilers
  • Boiler Functional Overview
  • Main Pressure Parts Components of Steam Boilers
  • Burners Types and Operational Controls
  • Low NOx Burners
  • Draft System of Steam Boilers
  • Water Treatment System
  • Boiler Control Systems and Protection Mechanisms
  • Boiler Control and Protection
  • Safety Valves and Flame Safeguard
  • Oxygen Trim
  • Burner Management System
  • Continuous Blowdown Control
  • Drum Level Control
  • Operation and Safety of Steam Boilers
  • Boiler and combustion systems hazards codes
  • Principles of Boiler Operation
  • Pre-startup procedures
  • Start-up and Shut down Procedures
  • Routine Operation during Boiler Service
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Maintenance Management and Troubleshooting of Boilers
  • Problems of Steam Boilers
  • Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Destructive Test of Steam Boilers
  • NDT of Steam Boilers
  • Steam Boiler Repair Approaches to Boiler Plant Maintenance
  • Systematic Approach to Boiler Plants Maintenance: MTTR, MTBF, FTE, etc. analysis
  • Planning and Implementation of RCM for Boiler Plant
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of RCMS in Boiler Plant
70b Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos State. Aug 23 - 26 Aug, 2022

Registration: 09:00:am - 10:00:am

NGN 212,000.00(Training fee covers certificate, training materials (soft/hard copy), writing materials, souvenir, tea break and lunch.)
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Gideon +2349087363262

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